Today was the true begining. I left highway 17 and started walking on the 40 east and found out about KOA campgrounds off the 89. It was a decent little trek and as i said on instagram, 70 lb back pack gets heavy real quick. I got on the 40 at around 11:30am i think and arrived at my camp spot around 3:30pm. I threw some pine needles down on the ground for insulation and parked the tent on top of that. After i got things organized went out for fire wood before it got to dark. Supposed to drop down to around 15 f tonight. Im sitting here next to the fire enjoying the light dancing and the warmth it provides. I’ve never sat by a fire by myself before this, it’s nice. When there are no city lights to drown them out, the stars are incredible! I am still learning to be present in the moment. Im stand by a fire, surrounded by the beauty that sparatick pine trees, white snow that is still shining after dark and i cant help but think, ‘what will this journey bring to my life? What adventures will Texas or Louisiana bring?’ I wonder why my mind works that way because if i look around right now i am already knee deep in adventure. I will be honest, it is a bit scary; but it is all mind over matter. I am also assessing the situation and not going beyond my limits. I might hitch hike in to Albuquerque to the children’s hospital hang with them and then head south for warmer weather. Not quiet sure yet. I am about 40 miles from the Hopi Indian Reservation and that is a must before i leave Az. I am going to read “The journey to self discovery” by his divine grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada until the fire goes out, then rack out.

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