Left first camp

I slept in a bit this morning. It got down to 8 F last night, lots of tossing and turning trying to stay warm. Going to make some duck tape mods to the tent later today. The spot i camped that last two nights was beautiful and helped me settle into this new way of living. It was at the base of a beautiful mountain “Elden’s Look out” in outer Flagstaff, Az. I took my time packing up my gear this morning taking time to look at all that was surrounding me and the thoughts that went through my head while i was there.
I am super lucky and really stoked right now. I have not seen my cousin Mandy in about 15 years, she was a little girl the last time I saw her. I got her number and contacted her. Turns out she works in Flagstaff now and is heading back the 50 miles to Winslow! I cant wait to see her and squeeze her little head off! She prolly wont like it too much cause i haven’t showered in a few days, tough break! Hahaha. Either tomorrow or the next day i will be walking to The Hopi Indian Reservation which is in Winslow. I am going there to seek out their spiritual leaders in hopes of gaining insight and knowledge, perhaps another blessing for my journey.
I have been finding my self saying thank you a lot in the last few days. Just looking around at all that surrounds me. I feel very lucky that I have the health, Strength, and Ability to do what I am doing. I think about my Military brothers who have lost limbs or their life, i think about terminally ill children who may never live their wildest dreams. I think of those who are incarcerated under false pretenses wanting nothing more then to freely walk down the street. I care them in my heart on this journey. LOVE, LIVE, LIFE

One thought on “Left first camp

  1. Hey sow, this is your little bro and ol” dirty Sue saying we love you and we are glad that you are having such a great time. Keep up the positive thinking and give Manda our love as well. Shalom

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