Winslow, Az

Yesterday I Met up with my cousin Mandy off highway 40 East. The last time I saw her i was 13 years old and she only . I am now 29 and she is a nurse with her own home and a serious boyfriend. She has been an amazing host! We have not stopped talking since I got in her car yesterday. Even with all this time passed our family bond is strong and her support for what I am doing is equally as strong. Last night Manda, her boyfriend Otis, and myself shared a great lasagna dinner. The dinner table is one of the platforms I am most looking forward to this trip. I was raised to bring conversation, ideas, and dreams to the dinner table to create discussion. It is going to be incredible to sit at different dinner tables along the way, listening and sharing, experiencing peoples thoughts on life. Otis is a full blooded Navajo Native American. He is a talented artist who is also well versed in the history and deep rooted culture of his people. He is truly passionate about his art and where he comes from. He carried the conversation and intrigued me to the point of silence and full attention. Today we all went down to the Colorado river in hopes of catching some fish for dinner. The river had a two inch layer of ice covering it.
My fears are beginning to melt away and i am realizing how this trip is already beginning to affect me. I have lost track of days and time, it is of absolutely no importance to me. That in itself is so liberating. This afternoon I put my backpack on with only about 40lbs of gear and my pellet gun. 150 yards from my cousins house is a endless prairie. I decided to go on my first hunting expedition of the trip. I just started walking into the open infinite. It was so peaceful, no one but me and the earth. Lots of different colors in every direction and the only sound was the wind blowing by my ears and rustling the shrubs. I couldn’t help the feeling of pure happiness. It instantly took me back to fourth grade when i would lie in bed at night reading and re-reading “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Thinking about how amazing it would be to venture out in the wilderness with your dog and your gun looking for adventure. Today, minus the pooch, I lived that. The hunt itself was not successful; but with the images my eyes saw, it doesn’t matter. I am so thankful for this very moment in my life. LIVE, LIFE, LOVE

2 thoughts on “Winslow, Az

  1. if u go to hopi head to polacca its beautiful but really cold. if u need anything let me know i have a few friends up der. enjoy ur journey!

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