Hitch Hiking East!

I have cut back on the social media a bit over the last few days. Partly because I am not going to just throw out some writing if there is nothing behind it. The other part is I don’t want to be consumed by it. I want all of my writing and experiences on this trip to be raw and not forced. I have been at my cousins for the last few days and it has been awesome catching up and very relaxing. I am so thankful for her hospitality and her taking the time to show me special things in the area she lives in. I will never forget it. I am itching to get back to the adventure and the inspiration that the unknown brings. I have been watching the weather in New Mexico and there is a narly cold front coming down from Canada and they are in for some bad weather. I had to re-access the situation and make some smart decisions. I am going to have to skip over New Mexico for now and head for more hospitable weather. That being said,I am a very lucky man. I went on craigslist to check ride share and found someone who is driving to New Orleans. I sent a email giving a brief description of the journey I am on and within a hour or two I received an awesome call!! I am hoping in a van full of people who have never met each other and we are going to travel together for a few days. I am so stoked to meet them and see what kind of adventures we are going to have over the next few. I am hoping out in Houston and going to explore the lone star state for awhile. I have some loose plans and ideas for my time in Texas; but the plan that always works best for me is flying by the seat of my pants, so we will see. New Mexico I am sorry that I will only be passing through. If anyone has suggestions for Texas I am always open to ideas. I hope everyone is have a great start to their new year. LOVE

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