Freedom in the Moment

I have absolutely no idea what day in the week or month it is. I don’t care one bit, it doesn’t matter. As this trip continues I feel more and more at ease and possess a clarity of thought that I have never had before. I feel like bullshit that I have been holding onto is just melting and flowing away from me. As I write this my mind feels like it is almost in a meditative state. I feel so calm and relaxed. I can feel energy flowing nicely up and down my legs, through to my chest and up to my brain.
All of my life my mind has been constantly thinking I should keep on moving and be somewhere else other then where I am that moment. I am sitting at a coffee shop outside of downtown Austin. I just made some oatmeal and having some tea, there is nowhere else I would rather be. I am not concerned with the rest of the day, it will come as it rolls on.
Yesterday I began to re-read The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida. It was a gift given to me by a dear friend after I told her I was making this journey. She handed it to me and said ‘I think you are ready to read this.’ It is not a book on how to be better then every other man, it is a spiritual book to enlighten on how to become the best man that you can be. I read it the firs time in about four days an it was extremely powerful. As I was reading it yesterday in the park I felt electric. I feel truly free and I know without a doubt this journey I am on was meant to be. It is leading me to what my life was always meant to be. I feel like everything is beginning to align and that I have absolutely no limitations. I am stoked to be cultivating my gift and sharing with the world. LIVE,LIFE,LOVE

One thought on “Freedom in the Moment

  1. “Live with your lips pressed against your fears, kissing your fears, neither pulling back nor aggressively violating them.”

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