I wrote the following on a bus ride in San Francisco in late November before I truly realized I would be going on this journey. It also links the blog that will be following this one.

Today marks the day of growth and understanding. No longer will I mask the light that shines eternally within me. I am no better than anyone on this earth nor do I want to pass judgement. Everyone has the opportunity for consciousness if they are willing to to let go. I am a being who is making a choice to celebrate my individualism and forever forsake the comforts of the sheep like herd. No longer will I live in a mode of survival, rather I will celebrate this gift I have been given. I will continue to try and share insight with who ever is willing to listen. At the very root of my soul I am a adventurer, citizen of the world, and compassionate. I am a being of never ending passion, empathy, and most of all LOVE. I will never again waiver on my thoughts of who I am. I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me or like what I stand for, with these beings I am not concerned; but never will I choose to press my beliefs upon them. This will be something that will take constant discipline and will be a beautiful and welcome daily challenge. I LOVE WHO I AM AND WHO I AM BECOMING! I LOVE THIS LIFE, INCLUDING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH IT! I LOVE!!!

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