Negative To Positive In A Instant

Yesterday I had my second run in with the cops. I was woken up by a police officer tapping on my sleeping bag. “Hey, wake up!” I pulled my head out of my mummy bag and say, ‘how’s it goin sir?’ He replies, “what are you doing here?” I wanted to reply with, isn’t it obvious. Instead, ‘just camping out sir.’ He proceeds to ask to see my identification and I inform him, ‘I lost it, but i do have a copy of my birth certificate and a college id.’ He looks it over and radios it in. As were waiting he ask where I’m from and if I have a home. I explained that I currently have no residence and that I am traveling across country. This whole time I am still wrapped up in my bag in my long johns. I ask the officer to pardon me while I put my pants on, he obliges. As I get to my feet another officer rolls up on the scene. He wants to display his authority and tells me take my hands outta my pockets, I do it nice and sloooow. Then the second cop proceeds to tell me that it is illegal to camp in the park. My record comes back clean and they tell me this time they will let me go; but they better not see me sleeping there again. This experience was not how I would have preferred to start my day.
It transformed my day into being a huge blessing! After the cops clear out a gentleman named Tony strolled up and asked what the deal was. I told him what went down and it sparked conversation that lasted the entire day. I started to tell Tony about my journey and he was pretty blown away at the concept. I explained my reasoning for doing it and a little about myself and the way I go about this earth. What was said next will be with me for the rest of my life. Tony said, ” Matt, I have been praying for some answers and guidance. I think you were sent to help me with that.” It was a jaw dropping statement to hear. He told me he wanted to help me out with some finance, I just met him and I told him I couldn’t accept his money. He told me that it would be an honor and that he could not think of a better way to use his money. He pulled out his wallet and handed me everything he had in it. I still haven’t counted it. I believe it is about 15$. I asked him if he knew where a coffee shop was close by. He responds, “you want to get some coffee? Come on we will get you some food too.” I couldn’t believe the generosity that this stranger was extending to me. We walked down the street aways to Austin Java House. Once the coffee got poured we started talking. It was such a nonforced conversation. He was asking questions about my trip, my views on life, he asked questions that he was wondering about for his own life. The answers just flowed out of me effortlessly. Throughout the meal he continuously told me how thankful, honored, and blessed it was to share a meal with me and that I was truly answering a lot of questions to things he has been praying about. It was one of the most fulfilling meals of my life. He asked what my days where like and how I made my plans. I told him there is no set plan and that I was just taking it as it comes and embracing the moment. I am not concerned with anything else. That my true freedom is being in the moment and that creates no room for worries. We spent the rest of the day at Barton springs. At one point his brother Robert came along which was another blessing because he is a great fisherman. He gave me a tutorial on the best spots, what lures to use, and how to use them. He also ran back to his truck and brought me a few more things to add to my limited tackle box. I am so blown away by the day. Later Tony asked me how I keep from becoming nervous and anxious with not knowing what the next day will be like or where I will get my next meal. I used the morning as a perfect example. It started out rough and it could have ruined my whole day; but I didn’t let it bother me for one moment. I didn’t even have to try to stay positive I just was and from that blossomed a extremely beautiful blessed day. Tony is somewhere in his thirties and actively seeking answers to life’s deeper questions. I can tell by talking to him that his mind is constantly running and his soul is not at ease. He explained that he does not have a friend that he can talk to about these life questions, that his friends would judge him and make fun of his ideas on life. I tried and hope that I succeeded in letting him know that all the answers to his questions, he already knows. All of the knowledge, power, and energy needed to live his wildest dreams are within him. I explained that it is great to have friends who understand you; but my question is are you seeking understanding or approval on your dreams? I relayed to him that up until recently I was in the same boat. I did not fully realize the power, greatness, and light that I held within me. It was an epiphany moment for both of us an we just sat there smiling staring at the suns reflection in the water. The entire day was UNREAL! Both of us stoked on life! Words and energy were just pouring out of me to try and help my new brother as much as I possibly could. We both helped each other out and were glad to give the gifts we had to offer at that moment. Tony is the father of two a son named Boaz and a daughter named Lydia. I hope they realize how lucky they are to have a father that loves them with all his heart.
I passed out under a bridge last night, and the whole time i was trying to fall asleep i could not wipe the smile off of my face. I am so thankful for yesterday. I am so blessed and in love with life. LOVE!

3 thoughts on “Negative To Positive In A Instant

  1. This is amazing! You’re an inspiration to me and my journey. Thanks for putting yourself out there Matt. Keeping living HAM my friend!

  2. as i read your words tears streamed down my face in revelation and nostalgia. when i was 20, a girlfriend and i left home in my car with 30 dollars and traveled for 3 months curb painting along our way to make ched. one day we were standing in line at a grocery store buying a few key items to get us by and the woman standing behind my girl nikki in line offered to pay for our groceries. she engaged very curiously about our adventures and proceeded to invite us to her house boat for dinner. people are incredible and there random acts of kindness are what keep me inspired to explore some more. love ya check in soon.vmw

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