I wanted to post some thanks. I want to thank my father, mother, and brother for their constant love and support as well as the items they helped me with to get me started on this journey. I want to thank Eaon Kitterman for being an amazing friend. He was the very first person to know about this trip and he was glad to give me a boot in my ass to get on my way. I want to thank Amanda Natov for being the first person to say, “this is meant for your life, and I am so proud of you.” I want to thank my grandmother for being my mothers strength and telling her it will all be ok. I want to thank My cousin Mandy for opening her home to me and showing me so much love even though it had been so long since we had last seen each other. I want to thank her boyfriend Otis for taking time to explain his Diné culture to me, passing on his life’s wisdom, and hiking with me. I want to thank Kamy for the amazing road trip we shared and for being who she is. I want to thank Chase and Katie Wilson for opening their home to me. Chase thank you for you generosity it was out of this world. Thank you for taking the time to show me where you grew up and giving me more insight to who you are, New York baby! Cody thank you for being cool to me from the start! Thank you to all of my friends and family who are showing me love and support by following this. Thank you to everyone around the world who takes the time to read and share this with me! LOVE!!!

8 thoughts on “Thankful!!!!!

  1. You’re very welcome, thank YOU for being such an inspiration. Can’t wait to read more, what you’re doing is incredible! The way the seas are parting for you throughout this trip is proof of that!

  2. Hey, Matt. Thank you for being a blessing to us all and sharing your adventure. It was so amazing to connect with you and the time we shared. Will you please tell me the name of that tea you told me about to aid in balancing the digestive tract. I was going to ask you to make some for me and forgot. I’d like to try to find some at the store. Thanks again for the time we all shared (I also speak for Tony) 🙂 Kathleen

    • Hi Kathleen! It was great meeting you and being able to share thoughts and ideas with you. The tea is Yerba Mate, the company i have been drinking on this trip is Taragüī. It is a product of Argentina. My Friend Mariana gave me a bunch of tea bags before I left San Francisco. Hope you are having fun being creative at your new marketing job and the website i directed you to is helping. LOVE!

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