Out of touch

This blog post is kind of all over the place. It is just thoughts and ideas I wanted to get out.

I have purposely kept my phone off and away from me over the last few days. I like to cut away from technology and be out of contact every now and again. In order to start moving towards Louisiana, I caught a ride out of Austin back to Houston the other day. My mind is keyed in on Louisiana, for a few reasons. I have a great friend there that I have not seen in a few years. Jeno Slim is a Louisiana native that I met through a mutual friend in Las Vegas. We had a pretty gnarly “Hang Over” adventure and formed a friendship in a matter of days that will last our life time. It will be awesome to have a local as my tour guide, always the best way to go when traveling.
Before I go on a trip or have any kind of new experience I always imagine what it will be like. I form mental pictures and wonder about the spectrum of emotion the experience will bring. This trip was no different. Days leading up to taking off I began to conjure up wild ideas. So far my imagination has been happily exceeded. I have had such a incredible introduction to this trip/way of living. The people I have met, the beautiful scenery, and the generosity are beyond words. Over the last days I have had moments of thinking that things have been way to easy or cushy for me. I have to remind myself that everything is happening the way it is supposed to. There was and continues to be no set plan for this journey. After I leave Louisiana I will not know anyone across the southern states and that is a welcome and beautiful thing.
I am a quarter of the way into my adventure and I am probably more stoked now then I was when I started. I am being lovingly embraced by the unknown. The excitement I got from reading Maniac Magee in 4th grade is now my reality. These moments of realization are some of the greatest moments of my life and will be something I carry with me infinitely. Cruisin’ down the road listening to reggae experiencing this happiness is all that matters right now. I don’t know what tomorrow will show me. I am not there yet and it is out of my control. I am thankful for right now because I am alive, healthy, and doing exactly what I want to be doing with my life. No amount of money or possessions could ever replace this feeling. It seems like such a simple thing but i think a lot of us forget that we are the only ones who can manifest our happiness. It is not going to come to us by gaining a specific job, title, or salary. Although those things are great achievements they are small portions of who we are on the broad scheme of things. After awhile you settle into a routine and it just becomes something you have to get up and do. This is not the case for everyone, some people are making their living the way that they always dreamed they would. If you are just settling to do something that allows you to pay bills and get by, is that living? How many times in your life have you said, ‘where have the last ten years gone?’ I have had conversations with people on this trip who say, “I wish I could do what you are doing.” I want to shake them and help them realize that we set our own limitations, and dictate what we can and can not do!
I was blessed to be raised by a mother who drilled endless possibility into my life. She constantly told my brother and I that we could do and be anything that we wanted. We all know that phrase; but I am not sure how many of us truly believe it. It does not matter how many people tell you how great you are, if you don’t know it and believe it yourself then it’s just words. You can’t look to other people, possessions, or a job for your happiness. If you are at your best(whatever that means for you) and living life to the fullest capacity, happiness will grow naturally. LOVE!

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