Thankful in Louisiana

I am in Lake Charles, LA and lovin’ life! I have been dreaming about coming to Louisiana for a long time. It is better then I could have ever imagined. I am staying with my brother Jeno and he is showing me a incredible time! He has a lot of love and passion for his home state and life. As soon as I got in his car he began highlighting points of interest and the history behind it. He is a huge inspiration to me and the rest of the world. We are so connected and on the same life page. He is
owner/developer of Swing Fit. It is a revolutionary fitness concept that is super fun and will get you limber and ripped. You can find out all about it @ On the first night i got in I was blessed to be in one of his classes/training sessions. Every muscle in my body is hurting in the best way. Jeno is stoked on life and wants to inspire, love, and change lives. He is a great example of living life to its fullest capacity and being around him has further ignited the blaze within my soul. All of the people in his life are incredible and they all feed off each others energy.
I have only known Jeno for a short while. Right after we linked up here in Louisiana I told him I wanted to be straight up with him. I explained that I was traveling with zero dollars to my name. I told him that I was not looking for a hand out and that I would cut his grass, wash his car, whatever just to show appreciation for him opening his home/life to me. He stopped me and said, “don’t worry about a thing! Money doesn’t mean anything, life is beautiful and it’s all good.” In between handling things for his business he has been taking my around, feeding me amazing Louisiana cuisine and shedding light into my life. I could not be more blessed. The people in my life and the people i continue to meet are a true testament to that.
I want to pass along something that I have been doing for awhile. It is even more prevalent on this trip, everyday I take time to pause and say thank you. I try and pass that to everyone in my life. I always tell people that I can change their life in a few seconds. If you take 2 seconds to look at the beauty around you and say THANK YOU I promise you, life will continually get better and better and great moments and people will come into your life. It is something so simple and powerful. It is easy to get caught up in the things that make life challenging, rough patches will happen, they are what make the great moments in life that much greater. Challenge yourself to ALWAYS remain positive because when you focus on all the amazing parts of your life like your family, health, friends, you realize how spectacular your life is. Focusing on the positive will manifest more greatness in your life and you will begin to realize that is what your life is, GREATNESS! LOVE!!!

4 thoughts on “Thankful in Louisiana

  1. ; ) You are right! You did change my life in a few seconds, and you inspired me to keep changing it and go after my dreams….Matt, I can’t get enough of your blog!!! when are we getting the next post? !!

      • Matt, as I lay in my hotel room in Atlanta. I feel complete reading your story. Stay focused on your Dreams Journey… Atlanta has and is changing my life… FOREVER!!!! SWINHGFIT WORLDWIDE is happening… I’m Fortunate to spend time with you, and glad to see my wolfpack brother is being an inspiration to others… as well myself! I will be sending you the video.. by Friday 12 noon…

  2. Gratitude changes everything… Making the choice to be grateful escapes quite a few, but once they realize it genuinely is a choice, life changes and magical things happen. We have a choice to have magic in our lives. You have made the choice… It’s beautiful.

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