Moments That Create Connection

My day started out with getting dropped off at interstate 10 right outside of Lake Charles, La. The night prior my brain kept me up. Lots of thoughts running wild and wanting to flow onto paper. Before I knew it was 3:30am and the realization of covering miles on foot in a few hours hit. I woke up around 8:30 and was ready to go.
As I start walking I look to my right, and see a huge open field with soft grass and the sun is beaming down perfectly. I just wanted to be in it for awhile, there is no rush. So I walk into it about 50 yards from the highway and lay down my tent tarp and sleeping bag. It is just as soft as I knew it would be. A few nights prior it rained pretty hard for about 45 minutes giving the earth a feeling of soft squish when I lay down. I cross my hands behind my head and one leg over the other. My eyes close and I am seeing soft red from the sun shining bright down on my eye lids. I begin to taking in deep breaths that fade out the passing traffic, soon asleep and caring of nothing else.
As I have stated in previous posts, things have been going smooth. Life has to shake things up, why not wake up from the nap to another encounter with the cops? Sweet! I slowly get up from my bed and yell to the officer standing on the bridge above,” how are you doing sir?” He yells back, ” Pack your shit and get up here.” I was in such a relaxed state, naturally I took my time. I knew it was going to be a laid back experience with this guy. He didn’t yell at me to hurry up. I got up there and he told me that three people had called and said there was a dead guy laying off on the side of the freeway. Then we proceeded into the normal cop to civilian questions. I told him I was makin’ my way across the souther states via interstate 10. He informed me that it was illegal and that i should go to the truck stop and try and catch a ride there. I walked over to the gas station knowing that as soon as i got some charge in my phone that I would be back on the highway.
I walk back onto the highway headed for Lafayette. Both sides are covered by dense woods that open into huge cow pastures. I am walking with head held high and on a swivel soaking in everything around me. I walked for around a hour and came into contact with Mama Tina, Papa Rudy, and their son Jim. They pull over 100 yards in front of me and throw there extended cab Ford truck in reverse. Jim pops his head out the window and asks if I want a ride. Sure why not. I toss my bag in the bed of the truck and hop in the back with Jim. Tina turns back from the driver seat and says, “Jennings the furthest I can take you.” I have no idea how far or near that is so it is perfectly cool with me. We start to talk and i’m instantly involved with their life. Rudy is telling me about a car accident he had two years ago that almost took his life. They begin to tell me that they have recently taken 17yr old Jim into their home because he has no family to help him. In all this and more they are striving to live with a positive out look.
This family is struggling to make ends meet and they open their home to me and offer to make me a meal. I am blown away! We are, for the moments we have come together, intricately involved in each others life giving each other gifts. As soon as we get in their home Jim starts cleaning the house and then starts cooking. I am sitting at the table with Rudy talking and laughing. He pulls out photos of his granddaughter with a smile and hands them over to me. He begins to tell me stories about his family, some were sad and some happy. I thanked him for opening his home and heart to me. He replied, “Thank you, right before we picked you up my wife and I were about to be in a big fight.” I would have never known that from the way they showed love right from the start. I just felt like there was a lot of love between them.
After being at Rudy’s for a hour Stace and Brandi (aka the modern Bonnie and Clyde)walked in and sat at the table….
I have to get back to walking and figure out where I am going to make camp tonight. So, this story will have to be… Continued next post. LOVE!

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