Continued from last post… Bonnie and Clyde

After we shook hello and started talking there was a instant conection with Bonnnie and Clyde, kindered spirits that were destined to meet. 30 minutes into talking with them I asked if they might be able to take me back to interstate 10. Clyde instantly offered me a night to stay at his house. Once we got in his truck, he started telling me stories of his childhood. He told me stories about traveling around the country with his mother and brothers. He told me how his mom would always pick up hitchhikers and that they would sometimes end up at strangers homes. I was involved in their lives from the start.
I could tell they were fellow life rebels. Rebels to the conforms of societies majority. I felt comfortable outside the confines with them. It didn’t matter that I didn’t agree with everything they were about, I was just understanding and through that they felt comfortable with me. Bonnie laughed a lot and added input every now and again but for the most part she just observed and listened to Clyde and I. Sometimes I would try to shoot her a question just to make her feel like she was involved in these moments we were sharing. Right off the bat I could sense she has had a very hard life and had a block up to guard her hurting heart.
Living in large cities all my life, I have been totally blown away by the beauty of the country. Bonnie and Clyde live in the Parish of Jennings, La. To them it feels like a trap that seems very difficult to escape right now. They are both battling to overcome addiction and the problems that the addiction creates. Clyde has all of his family living within a ten mile radius. He wants to get away from them because he feels their constant judgement and it tears him down. Bonnie feels trapped because she loves Clyde so much and knows without her he will fall apart and spiral down to depths from which he can not recover. At the time I was with them I wanted to tell her to take off on her own and take care of herself. Looking at the situation now I realize that would have been horrible advice. True love is without condition or circumstance. When things get rough it is easy to run away and look for another partner; but there is a reason why you told that person you loved them in the first place. On that first night we spent together It was clear to see how much love there was between them. The way that they looked at each other, and They both made each other laugh a lot. For the moments we sat around the fire I could not feel any pain in their life. We were all riding the natural high of encountering each other and knowing it was meant to be. Clyde said when he woke up that morning he told Bonnie it was going to be a good day.
Bonnie and Clyde are hurting financially, living day to day and trying to make it anyway they can. Their fridge was pretty bare but what they did have they said was ours to share. Bonnie took a look at what they had in the fridge and said she was making gumbo! We all pitched in, I cut veggies, Bonnie started up the Roux, and Clyde made sure the weed got passed around. Those moments in that kitchen were magic, full of meaningful conversation and lots of laughter. After we got everything in the pot going, we headed out to sit around the fire. They had dug a big circle in the grass and we tossed in pallets. No street lights, no passing traffic, just the black abyss above scattered with twinkling lights. In the distance you can hear crickets and beetles making music. At one point the music stops, interrupted by a pack of howling coyotes, wild renegades running through backyards making it known that they still owned the land. I just kept telling Bonnie and Clyde how thankful I was for them and for sharing such amazing scenery with me. To me it felt like a paradise straight out of my childhood dreams. The sourounding area is completely flat so the sky seems endless all around you. 50 yards from their home is woods so thick that you can’t see three feet in. The houses are very spaced out and no one has a fence.
After a couple hours we headed in and grubbed some gumbo. Bonnie is a incredible cook! With bellies full everyone started to feel the sandman knocking on the brain. For some reason right before bed, Clyde decided it would be a great idea to let me know the house was haunted. Apparently their was a family that lived in the house some 50 years ago and the father murdered his whole family. He said you can hear the little girl running in the attic and the father comes and knocks on the windows and doors. I explained to them that I have had encounters with ghost quite a few times in my life. I knew I would have encounters with these ones as well. I was supposed to sleep in the attic, it was way nicer then it sounds; but after hearing these stories I opted for the couch in the living room. It was probably around 3a.m. And I woke up sweating, my back tightens and I get the chills. Sure enough there is a light knock at the door, no lie! I am laying there freaking out and sweating my ass off, and I remembered what Clyde had said about not showing fear because it angered the spirit. I mustered up courage and just repeated, ” I don’t know what you want, but I mean you no harm and I am not afraid.” It worked and I was able to calm myself and fall back asleep. I was set to leave the following morning when I woke up. No one wants to feel like the are over staying their welcome.
I slept in till about 10:30 and went out and started writing in the warm sun. Clyde was supposed to get up an go to church at 9 am with his Mother and Grandmother, that didn’t happen. At 11 am Clyde’s cousin comes over and tells me to wake him up because his mother is coming over to tear him a new one. I go wake him and tell him the news. He hops up real quick and starts organizing best he can. Five minutes later mama arrived and she was furious. Clyde introduced us, she looked me up and down with eyes that screamed, ‘who the fuck are you.’ I would later find out that she does not like tattoos one bit and here I am standing in front of her shirtless with a full chest piece an right sleeve. Needless to say we did not converse too much. She took Clyde in the house and commences to scream at the top of her cajun lungs. I stayed outside and talked with her daughter Jodi. Jodi is 18 years old, adopted and fully blind. Within one instant of being in her presence I knew she was a very special woman with a heart a 1000 times larger then herself. I talked with her about the journey I was on. She asked why I was doing it and I explained that it was to enlighten and forever enrich my soul. She smiled and said, “I want to do something like that.” Her cousin immediately chimed in, “Jodi, your blind you cant do that.” My heart sunk to the pit of my stomach! Before I could get out a word Kayla(mama) walked out and grabbed her and they left. Clyde came out and apologized for the incident. He said for me to chill and that he and Bonnie had to handle some things and would be back. Again, I was planning on leaving that day but something told me I was right where I needed to be.
Bonnie and Clyde returned about two hours later and told me that if I wanted I could stay another night. They explained that they had went over to Kayla’s house and talked with her and that they wanted me to meet her. I told them that I was feeling like I need more time with them. I will never forget the smiles that lit their faces when I said that. We hopped in Clyde’s truck and headed two miles down the road to Kayla’s. When we walked in Kayla still had a way of letting me know she was unsure about me. We sat at her dinner table and Bonnie and Clyde disappeared for awhile. Kayla is a talker! She told me a lot about her travels an it was beautiful because her face had now become overwhelmed with smiles. She also told me of how they would travel around the country to go and meet their father her husband where ever he was working to make money for his family. Kayla made a statement that Clyde had probably bashed his childhood. I told her that it was quite the opposite. He had nothing but happy memories of those trips and his childhood, she was shocked. Things got serious for a bit and she started to explain why she had blown up on him earlier. Clyde’s Grandmother bailed him out of jail 60 some odd days ago an they made a verbal contract. He had to go to church every Sunday and he had to do work on her house that he was staying in and fix his Grandma’s awning. He had not been following up on his word. Before we could get any further Clyde came back in and said it was time to roll. I gave Kayla a big hug and said we would talk again. I now had to sides to the same story and would learn that there was truth to both sides. Later that night Clyde offered to give me a jail style pick and poke tattoo. Bonnie suggested that we all get the same tatt to link us forever, great idea! It was because this style tattoo takes a long time, giving Clyde and I had time to talk. I brought up his grandma and the bail in a non assuming way and he began to tell me the truth about the pact he had made. He started to take me deeper and deeper into his life and there was a lot of pain. I wanted to give him insight and help him best I could. I told him of the greatness I saw within him but that it didn’t mean shit if he didn’t know it himself. I told him little steps will make huge impact on his life. The first little steps would be to start going to church not because he had to but to do it to honor and show love to his family that loves him. I also said to show my appreciation for all he had done for me I would help him knock out some of those projects. Truth is he is like a brother and I would do anything to help him, that is the magnetic power Clyde has and he has so much love in him.
Over the next two days I got to spend some more time talking and a lot of listening with Kayla. I tried to tell her that if she keeps a negative mind frame towards her son it would be that much harder for him to grow and change. I am not sure if I got through to her. She is a very strong, opinionated woman. I had been in Jennings for three days and it began to take its toll on me. In doing a lot of listening and being receptive to all the emotional energy I began to feel myself being drained. I brought a lot positive energy to their lives, but there was also a lot of negative energy. As much as I wanted to stay and keep helping them I still have a lot of journey in front of me and I need to keep my energy levels up. I will always keep them in my heart and I know for sure that our paths will cross again. I wish them all nothing but the best and I hope they use their family bond to strengthen and enrich each other. LOVE! Positivity and being thankful for the beauty that surrounds you will change your life forever. Bonnie and Clyde, keep taking it day by day, if you want change in your life take smalls steps towards it daily, and eventually those small steps will lead to MONUMENTAL shifts. I love you both very much and that will never change.

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