Mardi Gras, You Sweet Dirty Woman!

At the point I get that text from Renee’ I am really stoked and a bit burnt from lugging 72 lbs on my back. I am two miles out from paradise in the French Quarter! I lean forward and start putting left in front of right. I focus on amazing possibilities that lie before me. Guess what, on the very next block I look at the ground at the perfect moment… There lying on the floor just for me, is a weathered, stomped upon 20$ bill! Canal is a busy street, I am assuming even more during this time of year; but it held it’s ground waiting for me to come and scoop it up, giving it a warm home in my pocket. Needless to say that put a little pep in my step. I started moving faster towards a woman I have never met before. There is a feeling of excitement because I feel like she has something to teach me. A week prior, I had a chance encounter with Tim Savant which is Renee’s cousin. He told me to make sure to go and see her when I get to New Orleans. Tim told me she was a free spirit and a very wise woman. I contacted her on Facebook and told her a bit about myself and sent the link to my blog. It is a beautiful thing when the universe lines things up just the way they should be.
I call Renee’ to let her know I am a mile out and she tells me to grab a cab, she’s got it. I lock down a cab and I’m on my way. When I got out of the cab my eyes were smacked two times with Mardi Gras joy. Trent and Renee’ definitely have the most festive house in the French Quarter. I am sweating like I am in a sauna with trash bags on and Renee’ gives me a huge welcome hug. I shake hands with Trent and head in to set my bag down. No sooner do I drop my bag and Trent is asking me what kind of cocktail do I want. Yes! He suggest a tasty lemonade vodka drink, sold. I go back on the stoop and Renee’ and I get to talking. She has such a calming yet potent presence, I instantly feel comfortable. Trent comes back with the drink, and within four swigs I am buzzed! Hadn’t had a drink in quite some time and only had a tuna sandwich all day. I am in awe, my head is spinning from all of the beautiful sights around me. Everyone has their stoops and balconies decorated and all of the buildings take you back in time. They are all different colors, some made of brick, and some haven’t had a touch up in 50 years but are just as beautiful. Before I get too settled they tell me we are taking one tourist trip down Bourbon and heading for dinner. They live two blocks from Bourbon street but you can’t hear a peep. As soon as we walk on it is madness! Music of all kinds blasting from every which way. Everyone has a drink in their hand and being loud, as they should. We walk maybe 50 feet before I have a group of painted tits in my face. I have arrived! We cut down a side street and end up at the Erin Rose, a locals joint. They make awesome Vietnamese style Po Boys. We have a few beers and call it a night. They inform me Mardi Gras is a marathon not a sprint, and there is a long joyous road ahead.
The next morning Trent and I had chores to knock out before we could play. We worked as a team, and before we knew we were done, it was 4pm and time to crack open a beer. The stoop is a time honored tradition that I quickly took a liking to. It was as if Trent and Renee’ knew everyone in town, and the people that they didn’t they quickly drew in with their loving demeanor. Everyone that passed, old and young was greeted with a “how you doing darlin’ (beautiful southern twang)?” Or if they had a big smile or awesome costume Trent would drop, “Yea you right baby.” Quick back drop on Trent. For those of you who are familiar with the movie “The Big Lebowski” Trent is the real life “The Dude”. He will definitely be a life long brother and I look forward to our next adventure.
When evening came about everyone got ready on their own time and we headed out for Frenchman street. I highly recommend it to everyone when you make your way to New Orleans. This street is lined with great live music venues and you will get to party with real deal locals. As we make our way in I am taking everything in soaking up the moment. Out of left field Mark Green comes up to me and asks if I would like to be in his short film. I wasn’t planning on making my film debut; but what the heck. He explains the premise and five minutes later its lights camera action! I have never even thought of being in a film, but when you are open to the universe you never know what it will bring you. Mark found me on facebook and as soon as the finished product is out I will post the link. Mark thanks for helping me knock out a #bucketlist item I didn’t even know was on my list. The rest of the night cocktails and beers galore were being tossed in my direction and we danced the night away to some amazing, funky ass music. One of the best nights of my life!
I met some of the most amazing people over the course of the next few days; but there are two gentleman who stand out in particular. Lance Walker and his father Mr. Walker. These two gentleman are true blue Cajun men from the bayou. I could listen to them talk all night, and thats exactly what we did. Trent and I were back from the bar around 3a.m. and hangin’ on the stoop drunk people watching. Within a matter of moments Lance and his father walked into our life. We had heart to heart talks about the father son relationship. Their relationship reminded me a lot of me and my fathers. I hope I helped Lance realize somethings because he definitely helped me. At one point I say out loud,” damn I wish I could try some moonshine right now.” Guess what, someone walking by yells out, “I got some in the hotel room. I will be right back.” Mr. Walker, Lance, Trent and myself sat on that stoop drinking moonshine until the sun came up, laughing and carrying on like it was nobodies business. That was until Mama Walker came out, and in a beautiful cajun accent yells, ” bring your ass’ inside, now!” I am laughing right now thinking about that scene.
Over the next few days I ended up at crawfish boils thrown by strippers, private roof top parties, and running a muck in the streets of NOLA! You are gonna have to buy the book to hear about those stories… LOVE!

3 thoughts on “Mardi Gras, You Sweet Dirty Woman!

  1. Nice shout out man, great times.
    You are truly an inspiration. Good luck on your journey and contact us anytime if you need anything. Much love brother

  2. This post was so fun to read! I have wanted to go to Mardi Gras for a long time. Sounds like you are having amazing adventures, and meeting spectacular people along the way. Keep up the tremendous writing! I am so proud that you are following your dream, and I know great things are going to happen for you!

  3. My Brotha from another montha….This is the dude checking in I could hardly wait to read the blog on nola! I know that me and you are going to be in each others life for ever! It was such an honor to have you in our life and home and the stories left untold will not soon be forgotten. I heard that you were tearing up the fish in Florida. Well I now have a ph so give me a shout when you turn yours on 504-444-6325 Cheers THE DUDE!

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