Sporadic Food for Your Thoughts

Sitting here vexed and utterly perplexed by the current state of the world.
Every corner has it’s own religion and beliefs.
If you look closely they all speak of the same thing.
The source for all living and that is Love!
All of the Gods above looking down wondering, why?
Why do they not get it? We have integrated this emotion into each and everyone.
That is how you and I begun.
Mommy and Daddy whether divorced or together created us in that.
That, is LOVE which connected them together, even if just for a moment in time. And when their genes melded, you and I came to be.
Why? I ask WHY is it so hard to make this no longer a belief rather, for us, make it the only way to be.
Another man claims land for his own, he is willing to invade to stake that claim.
This earth belongs to no one. It is a gift that we were meant to share.
People stare across a fence, a imaginary line to keep them out.
I say imaginary because some other man imagined that idea.
I purpose a new idea. An idea that makes us truly free.
Erase those lines which you can not see.
Allow people just to be FREE!
Go where your heart desires whenever you choose.
By allowing a small group of men and women to make decisions on our behalf, we lose half our freedom.
How many people are actually for war?
How many know the true reasons behind these wars and sit back silent as the world crumbles around us.
Allowing small groups of men and women to tell us who and who isn’t dangerous.
Are you basing your ideas on theirs?
Are you basing your ideas off emotion or fact?
By not questioning or standing up for ourselves we remain sheep in their pastures.
A herd is a lot easier to manage and control; but a group of wild animals is free to roam!
Are you truly free? or is that something you force yourself to believe so that when you lay your head at night you are able to sleep.
When you are living just to work and you are working just to survive, who are you working for?
Food for thought. LOVE!

3 thoughts on “Sporadic Food for Your Thoughts

  1. My Son your words are chicken soup to my soul ” The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life.and he who wins souls is wise” I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!

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