Food For Thought Part Two

I continue to encounter people who are stressed out by the schematic of the North American society. People who believe that they have a certain standard to live up to. A standard for THEIR life that was set by someone else. In a capitalist society that breeds competition, it is a race to see who can achieve the degree, big house, and 2.5 kids. You are made to feel like less of a person if you are not involved in that race. I see so much discomfort and dissatisfaction with life in the people involved in this race(wether they are willing to admit it or not). Straight from High School you are supposed to go right into college. And when you get there you are supposed to know what you want to do with a large majority of your adult life. You are 18 years old! How could you possibly know what you want to do with your life when you know nothing about it. For a good majority of North American citizens they have never traveled outside of the country because either their parents do not have the finances or the time off of work. You are boxed in, knowing only one culture and one way of life.
The lack of honesty and communication between parent and child allows this cycle to continue. I have clearly seen in people that have a college education and a “great job”(great because of the monetary account, not because it is their passion) habitual unhappiness. Unhappiness because they never really took the time to discover themselves or their true passions in life. They banked on the falsity passed from generation to generation that the comforts of a large bank account will bring you happiness. It is a parents fear of survival that causes them to continue to pass down this bullshit schematic for life. It is a fear that if their child leaves to explore themselves and the world that they will lose track of the end all be all goal of the job that will bring them the large account, which will bring the home with lots of things to fill it with. When and where in all that, is happiness in the moment. If you are always focused on goals of the future where does that leave you now? If you are constantly focused on the large account and the home with lots of things in it where is the happiness NOW when you have nothing. When you are always focused on what you don’t have what room does that leave to be thankful for all that you currently do have? How many stories have you heard of generations prior becoming utterly depressed when they retire? Suddenly there is no job to occupy their time or their thoughts? What now? For the baby boomers and my parents generation, a majority of their life was defined by a job title or the company they work for. That is their identity and what defines them in society. When they are done with that job they did dutifully for 40 years of their life, how do they then define themselves? Who are they to become next? Retired? From this spawned the bullshit getting to know you question that EVERYONE asks when they first meet someone, ” So what do you do?” And the other person will rattle off some company or job title which supposedly provides status. Why does your job define you? Probably because that is all you do or all you know. High School, College, Job… Where does that leave time to create, manifest, an truly learn about yourself? This is not true of everyone and I am not knocking or promoting one or the other. I am a observer and student of the human experience. What I write is not fact, it is my opinion on what I see and how I feel. My hope and desire for you is to really think about that very common question you are repeatedly asked, “So what do you do?” Here is how I will now answer that question for the rest of my days, “I live life to the fullest! I strive to remain conscious as to not waste one moment of it in negativity. I am passionate about mother ocean and love to surf whenever I get the opportunity. I am a student of life forever starving for knowledge. I am a soul adventurer always searching. I love to go to the gym and train. I can’t wait for the next Rugby season so I can challenge myself mentally and physically. I love to travel and explore the entire world. I am a romantic man full of passion. I love meeting new people with new ideas. I love music in my headphones an even more so live. The list carries on infinitely because there are so many more experiences an ideas to be had. The most important of all is I LOVE!!!!! Thank you for reading this an taking time think, and soak in whatever you choose. I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART!


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