Journey Across North America… Complete!

I rolled into DC full of emotion. I have a strong disposition when it comes to the North American government. It felt like I was traveling into the belly of the beast. On one hand I was excited to see Jazzy J, it had been 3 years. On the other I felt anger boiling inside wanting to scream injustice as loud as anyone has ever screamed. I wanted to transform into a lion so I could stand before the white house a roar so loud they all pissed their pants. I calmed my anger and it turned into pure excitement. The sights, sounds, and raw energy of city life over took me. As much as I love spending time in the woods, I am a city boy. It was the first time I felt like NYC was within my sight. I could tell RaeBean was getting a bit frustrated with me because I was super hyper bouncing around, and I got into are we there yet mode. She had to tell me to calm myself a few times.
When we arrived I gave J a hug so tight it could have popped her little peanut head right off. She gave us a tour of her awesome apartment and then we sat on the couch and caught each other up. Before long Jazzy J was running upstairs, she told me she had a present for me. She handed me a weaved palm leaf canister and told me to pull the top of. Inside was a beautiful rubbing from a Cambodian temple she visited. J hand carried this for me from Cambodia, through Vietnam, to Bangladesh, on a flight back to DC. To me that makes the gift that much more special and a true honor to receive. I have quite a few beautiful gifts and post card from J’s travels, she is a inspiration to me.
The following day J, RaeBean, and myself went down to to be tourist and see the sights. One of the most emotional/best parts was going to the WWII and Vietnam memorials. As a Veteran I wanted to visit these particular spots to honor both of my Grandfathers, and my Uncle George who served multiple tours in Vietnam. It is something the carried with them for the rest of their life. I now know what that means, because as much as I suppress my time in Iraq, it will always be there and that is ok. Those memorials are a reminder to everyone of the sacrifices people made, not only the soldiers but their family and friends as well. I WILL NEVER FORGET!
I read a lot of honorable words on walls. Ideals put down on paper that are with us forever. They were words thy were supposed to be guiding lights for this country and what this country was meant to become. Those ideals have been lost along the way. Lost by means of greed and dishonor of truth and the freedom of all humanity. Like I said this place brought a lot of emotion forth. Touring around that portion of the city was a great experience.
Jazzy J is a teacher at a Montessori Charter School providing progressive education to children. Being the awesome person she is she talked to the head administrator of the school and set me up with a job while i was in town. J you are one of the most thoughtful beings I have ever met, and I learn so much from you. Being at the school was a beautiful experience! All of the faculty was full of life, positive energy, and smiles. And the children were incredible!! By the second day I had multiple little kids calling out my name and hugging me. I love hanging out with little kids! They are always full of energy and have the best outlook on life. I was helping out the schools handy man doing various tasks. This gentleman was from El Salvador and from the moment we met we were connected telling each other life stories. He was at one point a guerrilla for the communist party who escaped and came to the US. His life story is out of this world and the energy an positivity that he has everyday is beyond me. He is always smiling and making other people laugh. I would say he is the celebrity of the school. We painted chalk boards, we helped build science projects, and delivered lunches to little rugrats. The experience could not have been more fulfilling. When I have children of my own they will definitely receive there formal education at a school like that. On my last day I was able to talk at length with the head administrator. We spoke about life’s journey’s and throwing caution to the wind every now and again. We talked about the relationship between mother and child, and spoke about whether it is better to live a long life without risk or to go all out everyday like it could be your last, possibly shortening life due to it. It was a great talk, and I think that we both walked away with food for thought. We ended the talk with a giant hug and promises to return to the school as a published author.
I am thankful for my time in D.C., it was full of love and lessons learned. Being there was a great last stop before heading into NYC. I am breathing deeply right now because this is the last post for this particular blog. To try and squeeze in all of the lessons, life affirmations, and connections made would be a great injustice. You will have to buy the book for that. Like I have said in earlier post, this blog just scratched the surface of this journey. I left a lot out and only had so much time and space with this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read and supported me throughout this journey that has forever changed my life. It is now time to start the next adventure which is being in NYC and on the road to being a published author. I love you all with all my heart! Dream as big as you can and then make it your reality!!!!
I have begun a new blog that is going to chronicle my path to becoming published and all the adventures I have in NYC. The first post is up and ready to read. LOVE!


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