Epic Unexpected Detour

When I first arrived in Gainesville I was taken in by it’s beauty. It is referred to as a city but I would call it a large town. Entering the town from the south you are greeted by large open fields that intermingle with deep dense woods. The woods are lush green pine that stand side by side with oak. When you look into them you get the feeling that they want to stay untouched. They hang a natural sign that reads, ‘enter at your own risk.’ I have fallen in love with the trees of the south. They have this long grey moss that hangs from them, giving me the feeling of being in movies of my childhood such as “Stand By Me”. They are so beautiful with a touch of haunting. As I am driving in with Meg I am also feeling huge relief. Her friendly presence and openness puts me at ease an I know I have nothing to worry about for at least the evening. She explains to me that her house is a hostel of sorts and that she always has people coming and going. She explains that she has band practice for a few hours; but I am welcome to shower and do laundry. The day prior I was freakin’ out as to how I would get out of Miami and now I was six hours north and about to take a hot shower and have a bed to sleep in. One of the biggest lessons I have learned on this trip is not focus on what I don’t have, rather be thankful for ALL that I have in this very moment, and really, that is all I need. I think hard about what I truly want to happen, I visualize it, and then I release it into the universe. In training my mind to think this way I have REALIZED the power my mind has to attract and manifest what I desire. I have the ability to be the creator or the destroyer of my experience here in this life. Positive thought will create and cultivate my dreams. Knowing myself and having faith in my INFINITE abilities allows me to move towards my next goal in full confidence without fear. When I doubt myself or am not being truthful with myself in moving towards MY DREAMS and MY LIFE’S PURPOSE things quickly begin to get negative and roll back down the mountain I just struggled to climb. In the spirit of the last few lines I want to share a quote from a book I started reading yesterday “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. “When someone sees the same people every day, as had happened with him at the seminary, they wind up becoming a part of that person’s life. And they want the person to change. If someone isn’t what others want them to be, the others become angry. EVERYONE SEEMS TO HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF HOW OTHER PEOPLE SHOULD LEAD THEIR LIVES, BUT NONE ABOUT HIS OR HER OWN.” True statement! Another lesson I have learned on this journey. A lot of people in my life knew nothing about this journey until I was already on it. I knew people would have something negative to say about it, and it wouldn’t be that way because their own fear and lack of trust in themselves. When I told my parents and my close friends, the majority of them thought I was crazy and foolish. Those same people are now telling me that I did the right thing FOR ME. Lesson learned: no one else can live your life for you. No one else can go out and achieve your dreams for you; so why in F would you listen to anyone else’s opinion on how you should live your life? Follow YOUR heart! Follow the messages that the universe and YOUR soul are feeding you and YOU can not go wrong!
The following day I woke up feeling full of life and energy. I was not worried about the next day only what adventure I was going to get in that day. Meg is a vegan, I made my first set of vegan pancakes, man! Swapping apple sauce for eggs makes em bomb dot com! After breakfast I hopped on goggle to search for free museums in town. The Museum of Natural History on the UF campus was the ticket. I hopped on Meg’s husbands bike and headed out. The museum was a awesome experience. There was a lot of Native American exhibits from where and how they lived to how they carved their canoes (I now have a new bucket list project). My patients were tested by ignorance. I felt so connected to the exhibit and the proud people the exhibit portrayed. A father was walking with his very young daughter. He was not reading off the prescribed plaque and thus giving completely wrong info. And then standing in front of a tribal scene he told his daughter, “the sound that “Indians” make is woo hoo hoo.” Something ignited in me an I became quickly furious. I wanted to blow up on him and explain how wrong it was for him to pass on ignorant thoughts to his daughter. It wouldn’t have been good for any of us. I put my head phones in and walked away. Later in the exhibit I read a plaque that blew me away. It explained how the Europeans came over and destroyed a culture, enslaved prior free peaceful people, and wiped them out with the disease that they brought with them. I have never seen/read that in a museum, let alone a University museum. I wonder if daddy relayed that message. In short, we all know that horrible things haunt our past. It is important to inform the next generation of these wrongs so that they are not repeated.
I arrived in Gainesville on Wednesday evening and played it mellow the following night. On Friday I ended up at a house party. The people were super welcoming and having a great time. I tried to make rounds and talk with everyone. After about an hour Racheal showed up. We were introduced and there was a instant connection based off of creativity. We talked late into the night over vodka/hawaiian punch cocktails. Racheal is a intensely focused artist who is three days away from having a Masters Degree in Fine Arts neatly tucked in her back pocket. Super intelligent, interesting woman who is secure in herself and her thoughts about this life. We momentarily parted ways an I ended up back in Meg’s hammock. The next evening Meg was playing a show at the Jam. She was guest playing the Alto Sax in “Morning Fatty” horn section, as well as spinning fire through one song. The Jam is one of the best music venues I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The bar is indoors an the stage is outside. I felt like I was in a friends large backyard. There was a huge bonfire going on an lights strung up from huge tree to huge tree. It was basically a sick house party with close friends I had never met. Everyone was super mellow and very friendly and open for conversation. Hands down one of the best live music experiences of my life. I highly recommend you check out ” Morning Fatty” on Youtube.
The following day I spent a beautiful lazy day in the hammock talking with new friends enjoying stories and the moment. I was feeling incredibly recharged and ready to continue on my way with in the next day or two. Then Monday rolls around and Racheal calls me. She says she is supposed to go to class, but wants to know if I would be down to ditch with her and roll to the beach. No questions asked, ‘lets ride out!’ It was a awesome day that ended with meeting her brother James. The conversation and the laughs we shared made a instant connection. As we left I reached out for a hand shake and James pulled me in with a hug. He told me, “Anytime you are in Florida you are welcome at my home.” It swelled my heart so much to hear that and it felt real and unforced. On our way home Racheal told me about a big art installation that she was working on. It is the last project she has to complete in order to attain her Masters. She told me that she had posted ads on craigslist trying to enlist people to help her for ten bucks an hour. Racheal asked if I would be interested. No hesitation, ” hell ya, but I am not taking any money.” I was so jazzed to be apart of this momentous situation. For one I have never worked in a working art studio. Second it was to help a new friend get her degree!!!! The amount of creativity that flows from this woman 24/7 is ridiculous. I was nom stop inspired from our conversations an to be able to be engulfed in that creativity. I could not pass up the opportunity. Plans to leave got put on hold.
For the next five days Racheal and I put in lots of hours at the studio, bouncing ideas off each other and having a amazing time constructing and forming this massive installation. The experience further inspired me to get to NYC asap an to put all my energy and efforts toward building and manifesting my creation, that being my first book. It all culminated with opening night at the gallery. That whole week all we did was focus to create. And to see all the people taken with the installation and how it brought inquisitive smiles to their faces was further inspiration. I had my second encounter with James, he came down to support his sister. I was excited to see him again forsure. After the opening we piled into his car to go celebrate. One of the first songs he plays is 93′ Till Infinity by Hieroglyphics. Man! I knew we were brothers from another mother. That night we all celebrated, conversated, drank, and danced the night away. It makes going out for a cocktail level ten when you have something special to celebrate. Racheal’s degree is as good as tucked in that back pocket!!!!
Gainesville, Florida was not supposed to be. It was no where in my travel plans and I did not expect to be here. It has been one of the best most inspiring portions of my journey and I am beyond grateful.
I have the end of the journey in my sights and it is bitter sweet. Since yesterday afternoon I have been on a beautiful emotional roller coaster. I have a lot more to write but I am going to save it for mañana. Stay tuned! I love you all with all my heart! Thank you for all of your beautiful thoughts and words. Remember, everyday that you wake up you the ability to change your life for every. It only takes a willingness to trust in yourself and your infinite abilities! To all of the incredible people I have met here in Gainesville that have become life long friends, wow, I am so thankful for each and everyone of you! Jan get that website up and running and I will throw it up on the blog! LOVE!


Adventures in Miami

Apalachacola, Florida is roughly 500 miles from Miami. A few weeks earlier I sent out a Facebook message to a few close buddies telling them we should link up in Florida for spring break. A day later my friend Ian writes me back. He had already planned a trip to Miami for Ultra Music Festival. we ha talked about going to this festival a few years back when we shared a apartment. It was finally going down! Two things, A) MUST MAKE IT TO MIAMI!
I had planned on leaving the woods giving my self 4 days to walk and hitch hike to Miami. My friend Ian bought me a expensive ticket for Fedde Le Grand’s set on the 21st(one of the kick off parties for UMF), so I had to make it. The day I was set to leave one of the people leading the camp asked to speak with me. Most of the people who said they would stay and help clean/naturalize the woods bailed out. He asked if I would stay and help. I told him about my dilemma as far a getting to Miami on time. He told me that if I stayed and helped him out, he would get me a greyhound ticket. I stayed an got things knocked out. The day before I need to be in Miami, dude is M.I.A! I started to get upset and freak out a bit. I made one quick call and it was sorted. My boy Keith came through and got me a ticket! I arrived in Miami the next day at noon.
I learned my lesson at the Gathering and I ventured into Miami with a open heart and no expectations. I was just excited to see my friend Ian, have a hot shower, and a roof over my head for a few days. I didn’t yet have a way into Ultra Music Festival, but something inside of me told me I would make my way in. I still had a few hours until Ian arrived from Switzerland, so I made my way to the bay and laid out in the warm sun. When I woke up I checked my email to get the address and time Ian would be in. I threw my pack on and started walking over the Venetian Causeway. It is a beautiful bridge going from downtown towards the ocean. As I am walking across I see Lamborghinis, Bentleys, and Porches. Down below on the crystal blue water I see Yachts with women sun bathing on the deck. I am walking through a freakin Notorious B.I.G music video, and here I come barefoot, filthy pants, and shirtless with a huge pack on my back. The timing was epic. Right as I came up to the address Ian and Hillary are pulling up in their rental car! Ian does not disappoint with his greeting. He has music blasting, hops out of the car bouncing around arms flailing, and gives me a huge hug.
We met up with the owner of the rental. It is better then any of us could have imagined. We walk through a long winding hallway and when we come out, beauty smacks us in the face. We are staying right on the water! All of the Yachts and speed boats I saw from a far are now floating right past our balcony. We are surrounded by swaying palm trees and before the bags are unpacked, loud music. Turns out that the guy renting us the place is a local news caster. Before he was about to leave I pitched him my story, ya never know right. He was blown away by a few of the stories I told him and couldn’t believe I was doing it with no cash. At the end of it he told me to email him links of my blog and youtube video. He informed me that he knows people in New York who do documentaries’ as well as non-scripted reality tv shows, and that if I didn’t mind he would pass it on to them. Cool with me! After we settled in we took of to get the house stocked for the next few days. Miami reminds me of a mix of downtown LA and San Diego, I would rather live in San Diego. When we got back the rest of the crew arrived from their flights. I was introduced to Christina, Sarah, and Jenna. All awesome down to earth ladies. While the girls started to get ready Ian and I started mixing up cocktails. 20 minutes before we are setting out for the Fedde show, Alex blast through the door! Alex is a one of a kind gentleman. He is a D.J in San Diego that I met an became friends with through Ian. Alex is a mad man who will have fun in any situation, especially this one. Between him and Ian they are a dynamic ball of unstoppable energy.
We all got back in around 6am and got a few hours sleep. I was woke up by blaring house music at 11am. Alex and I made some breakfast for the family and got prepared for the day. As everyone is lounging around three new friends roll up to the house River, Vanessa, and Stephen. All amazing people with positive energy and great outlook on life. Turns out that River an Stephen have recently started a digital magazine online. They were both there to interview artist/dj’s, as well as shoot video and pictures for their site. The first day the festival started at 5pm. When I got to the entrance way I split off from the group and told them if I didn’t get in I would just meet them back at the house. I made my way towards the entrance. There was mass amounts of people and I thought,’hey maybe I can just slide right by and no one will be the wiser.’ I almost made it and a big tough woman grabbed me at the last moment. I didn’t resist and just made my way back towards home. I didn’t really mind because I was still a bit beat and knew that there was a nice bed waiting for me. Plus Miami never sleeps and I knew I would be going to after parties when everyone got back.
The next day everyone woke up around 1pm and was moving slightly slower then the day before. As everyone is mapping out their set list for the day I am wondering how I can get in! After a few moments of contemplation River, Vanessa, and Carol walk up. River asks, ‘did you find a way in yet?’ Nope, not yet, but I will some how some way. He replies, ‘I got a press pass for you to use bro!’ I jumped up and gave him a giant bear hug! I tell everyone inside and the place erupts. We are all going to make it in and have a off the wall time with incredible dj’s. The press pass was slipped of someone with a small wrist. I tried to slip it on with soap and it wouldn’t slide over my palm. I couldn’t break it or it would be useless. Carol who I just met ten minutes prior steps up and says I will try it. It slipped right over her tiny hand. She says, ‘Cool! I will use this and you can take my ticket.’ She handed over her ticket and we all walked over to the Festival. I was electric walking in. I had so much energy and excitement. I knew eventually I would make it in, I just didn’t know it would feel this good. As we walk in Fatboy Slim was just starting his set. That day I got closer to new friends and heard great music. It was everything I could have hoped for times a million.
The weekend carried on and we all continued to enjoy each others company and have great adventures together. Tuesday was a sad day, everyone was saying good bye and going their separate ways. I had not thought about what I was going to do after. I threw on my pack and started walking. I ended up on Interstate 95. It was a high speed sketchy highway that was not going to be hospitable to me walking on it. I got back off and was not feeling good. The mix of the late afternoon heat and the previous weekends non-stop go caught up with me. I began to feel light headed and very weak. I decided to walk back towards the beach and rest up. I walked up to a grass area with some shade and laid down for a bit. I looked at my surroundings and 100 yards up the way I saw a bust that would shield me from the wind and anyone walking by. I decided that is where I would make camp for the night. It was actually quiet beautiful and peaceful. I was right on the bay on soft grass with the bush allowing me to tuck into it giving me overhead coverage and a feeling of safety because no one could sneak up from behind me. To be honest it was the first time I was nervous to camp out. It was a urban setting and I had seen quite a few homeless. To my surprise I fell asleep quickly and slept all the way through the night. I woke up to a homeless gentleman picking up cans next to me. I said hello and he kept moving along. Even though I slept well I was in a bit of a funk. I allowed worry and negativity to cloud my mind. I realized that I have a pretty good distance to cover to get to New York. I started to think that no one is going to pick me up and it is going to take me forever to get out of Miami. I am not super man by any means and this is the challenge I write about. It is a daily challenge for all of us to remain in a positive state. My journey has been amazing and very very blessed; but it is also easy to fall into a negative state. I can spend the day focusing on the fact that I have no money. I can focus on not knowing where I will sleep or where my next meal will come from. And thinking about those things will momentarily put me in a state of panic. I spoke with my mother and father this morning and told them what I was feeling. Just in the short while I spoke with them helped me snap out of it. I realized how much my parents love me and my job right now is to make them not worry and know that I will survive no matter what. I stopped myself and I told them, ‘I got this!’ I told them that it is all going to work out and there is still beautiful adventures to be had on my way to New York. I got off the phone with them stretched out and threw my pack on my back. I walked two or three miles down interstate 1 and saw a sign in the shade that said North 1. I figured that would be the best place to stick my thumb out. I just repeated over and over in my head, ‘ the right people will pick me up.’ 45 minutes later Jacky and Maria pull over. “Hop in man!” I threw my bag in the trunk and we were on our way. They asked where I was headed. I told them as far north as I can get. They are two angels in my life and everyone that they will encounter. We spent the next two hours at a man made canal filled with wild Manatee’s. It was so calming and unexpected. I forgot about having to be anywhere, because I didn’t have to be anywhere but there in that moment. Maria was born in Colombia and brought to America at the age of 8. She is a very deep woman with fantastic thoughts and ideas. Jacky’s parents are from Venezuela and she was born here. The talk we had this afternoon was a blessing to me and further got my mind and positivity back on track. I am so thankful for them! We had to drop Maria off at work and them Jacky was going to take me to get me further on my journey. Jacky took me to subway and we split a sandwich over great conversation. She had a few errands to run and then she told me she would take me somewhere. I had no idea where I just trusted her. I was exhausted for some reason and I fell asleep
In the passenger seat. After a bit I woke up and we were pulling up to a greyhound station. Jacky took out her last bit of money and asked the man behind the counter, “how far will this get my friend?” He replied, ‘up to Orlando.’ That is a huge distance covered for me! I gave her a giant hug and thanked her. She had a huge smile and thanked me for the blessings I brought to her. My whole day was flipped from a state of worry to positive again. I will forever be thankful for Jacky and Maria. This is a lesson to us all. If you want to worry and focus on all the negative then that is where you will remain. If it takes repeating a thousand times, ‘ I am so blessed and thankful to be alive. I have so
much to look forward to.’ Do it! Wake up tomorrow and before you move a muscle say thank you for this beautiful day! I AM ALIVE AND ENDLESS POSSIBILITY LIES BEFORE ME! I AM A GREAT BEING AND I AM BECOMING GREATER!! And then I want you to believe it whole heartedly and continue to become that greatness! I love you all with all my heart! Thank you for reading and thank you for being you! Positive thoughts and actions will lead us in the right direction!

What A Open Heart Can Bring to Your Life

  At this portion of my journey my legs are getting pretty strong, and my 70 lb bag doesn’t feel like 70 lbs anymore. When I got out of Ms. Williams car I put it in my mind that I was going to clear 20 miles before I even thought about looking for a place to set up camp. I also put it in my mind that when I got across the bay I was going to start looking for a fishing boat to work on. I have never been deep sea fishing before and I want to learn more about the ocean. Some day when I settle down and have a family I want to be able to provide for them using my hands and cunning whether that be hunting, or if we are by water I want to be able to bring them a meal from that. I told myself that I was going to make it happen and I smiled because I knew it was going to happen. I walked for a bit on the Eastern Shore Trail and then hopped back on Interstate 10 to walk on the Bay Way bridge. Probably one of the sketchiest portions of the 10 I have been on. The shoulder is pretty narrow and on the other side of that wall is a 20 ft drop to the bay, I believe it is about ten miles long. I got maybe seven miles across and Woody Walker pulls over for me. I hop in the car and he says, “Hey man, I can take you to the other side of the bridge.” I reply, “That would be awesome, I really appreciate it.” We get to talking and I tell him about my idea to get on a fishing boat. No sooner can I ask if he knows anyone, he has his phone out and tells me he is about to call the best captain in all of the gulf. I am shocked! I just put this in my mind an hour ago and now someone is calling to see if he can get me on a boat. That is just how this trip is going, I am meeting all the right people and my minds ability to attract the things I desire is beyond me.

  Well, Woody taking me to the other side of the bridge turns into him telling me that he was on his way to his house for a moment and if I wanted I can go there freshen up and he will take me back to the highway when he leaves in a bit. He had to head out to Mississippi to pick up a new oven for his restaurant  We get back to his house and we are talking about travels he has been on and telling him about my adventure. He tells me that if I want I can mow his lawn and he can shoot me some cash to help me out. I tell him I don’t need any money, but that I have been craving pizza and beer. He replies,”Consider it done.” He tells me that he has to take off but I can mow the lawn and then take a shower and he will be back in a few hours. Someone was borrowing Woody’s lawn mower so we had to go to his neighbor Willie to borrow his. Woody gives him a quick explanation of who I am and Willie asks if I can mow his front yard as well. Of course I can sir. 

    Throughout the time I am mowing the yards Willie comes out to check on me and at one point he hands me a $20 bill. I tell him that I am doing it out of the kindness of my heart and that I can not take his money. He looks me in the eye and says,”If I didn’t want to give it to you I would not have offered it.” After I finish I come in Woody’s place take a quick shower and then hop on his computer so I can catch up on the blog. During the time I am writing Willie comes in and offers me a beer. When he brings it back and I tell him after I am done if he wants some company I will come over and tell him all about my journey. Willie is 81 years young and I can tell off the bat he has a huge heart and a lot of life wisdom.

   Later that evening I headed over to Willies and I am greeted with another beer and a big smile. At one point Willie says he is gonna give Woody a call and see where he is at. Woody got caught up and was still a few hours out. Willie tells me he wants to take me out for a drive to check out some places that most tourist don’t get to see. Who in their right mind is going to pass that up? We head out and get to a beautiful town called Fair Hope. The streets are lined with lighted trees and beautiful flower beds. The neighborhood is very similar to Carmel, Ca, and every house has it’s own uniqueness. You can feel that a lot of creative people live there. At the end of the town out on the bay is the Grand Hotel, Willie tells me we are gonna stop off and have a beer. This is one of the most interesting gentlemen I have ever met in my life. The stories he has and the places he has been are incredible. At one point we both agree that it feels like we have known each other all of our lives. Here we are with a pretty good size gap in age, complete strangers a few hours ago and now we are at a nice bar talking about life and brand new friends. I will never forget that night.

  Like I mentioned earlier Woody owns a few restaurants in downtown Mobile, the Bicycle Shop which is a awesome bar serving great Mexican food and next door to that is his steak house Union. Over the next few days Woody opened his home to me, fed me super good food, and got me shit faced drunk. The adventures we had together were freakin’ awesome. This gentleman doesn’t know me; but opens his home, trust me alone while he goes out and handles his business. I did’t tell him but he reminds me a lot of my uncle Bud, and it goes a lot further than them being white and southern boys. One of the best men I have ever met in my life, always has a smile on his face and will talk your ear off. The way that Woody goes about this life is second to none. He is beyond honorable, always truthful, and not afraid to tell you he has done some fucked up shit and probably might do some more before it is all said and done. That is what makes someone down to earth, not perfect and not trying or worried about it, just livin’. Woody is a entrepreneur and a man about town who has done a lot with his life, but remains humble. Every place we go someone is yelling out his name and offering to buy him a shot or a beer. I have learned a lot just from being in his presence over the last few days. He and Willie will be life long friends and I know our paths will cross multiple times before it is all said and done.


I wanted to post some thanks. I want to thank my father, mother, and brother for their constant love and support as well as the items they helped me with to get me started on this journey. I want to thank Eaon Kitterman for being an amazing friend. He was the very first person to know about this trip and he was glad to give me a boot in my ass to get on my way. I want to thank Amanda Natov for being the first person to say, “this is meant for your life, and I am so proud of you.” I want to thank my grandmother for being my mothers strength and telling her it will all be ok. I want to thank My cousin Mandy for opening her home to me and showing me so much love even though it had been so long since we had last seen each other. I want to thank her boyfriend Otis for taking time to explain his Diné culture to me, passing on his life’s wisdom, and hiking with me. I want to thank Kamy for the amazing road trip we shared and for being who she is. I want to thank Chase and Katie Wilson for opening their home to me. Chase thank you for you generosity it was out of this world. Thank you for taking the time to show me where you grew up and giving me more insight to who you are, New York baby! Cody thank you for being cool to me from the start! Thank you to all of my friends and family who are showing me love and support by following this. Thank you to everyone around the world who takes the time to read and share this with me! LOVE!!!

Hitch Hiking With Kamy

As I wrote in the hitchhiking post I linked up a ride from Flagstaff into Texas. I had no idea what I was getting into or who I would be meeting. I have found that when you go in with no expectations that you can’t be let down and that it will usually be way better then anything that you could have imagined it would be. I met Kamy in the parking lot of a Wendy’s off the highway in Flagstaff, Az. When she pulled up we both met each other with giant smiles and i think we both instantly knew we were gonna click. I tossed my backpack into the van and as soon as I sat down she smiled and said plans have changed. I replied, ‘Awesome! No worries.’ Initially there was going to be a van load of people and we were going to have to back track to go to Phoenix to pick someone and cut across the States via Interstate 10. Everyone else flaked, it was just her and I. Instead of back tracking we just hopped on the 40 East and said we would figure out the route as we went along. I explained to her that I had no time frame to be anywhere and that I was up for anything. We did not stop talking, instantly connected and felt like there was nothing we couldn’t say. We quickly decided that we didn’t want to drive any faster then 65 mph and that we would stop anytime either of us felt like it. Kamy is 22 years old now and has lived quiet a adventurous life up to this point. She left home at 19 and hopped on a train not knowing where it was going. Since then she has not stopped traveling the states and recently Mexico. Kamy was schooling me to ways of living on the streets, traveling with no money, and further insight to livin’ individual freedom. I was amazed and intrigued by our conversations and we were both learning and feeding off of each other. As the sun began to set, Kamy walked to the back of the van and came back with a Ukulele. I was stoked, I started screwing around with the Ukulele a few months back and love the sounds that come from it. She began to strum… Then she began to sing. One of the most beautiful live voices I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. She has a back round in opera singing and peppers in a pretty awesome rhyme scheme. We freestyled and freestyled not caring about the miles melting behind us. We found a truck stop outside of Gallup, Nm and decided to call it a day and get some rest. I introduced Kamy to the Snapjudgement podcast, storytelling with a beat. I highly recommend everyone check it out, there are some epic stories of Love, Triumph, Defeat, and everything in between. You can hear some stories on snapjudgment.org. I pulled out my sleeping bag and tried to get comfortable in the space given on the floor of the van. That night it got down to 5 degrees F, I could not get warm to save my life. When we woke up the next morning Kamy said that she has a bad itch to hurry up and get to her girlfriend in New Orleans; so we decided to do shifts and drive straight through the night to Houston, Tx. We mad a few stops along the way to stretch and kept on. The following morning i pulled off into a gas station so I could charge my phone for a bit. While I was in charging my phone Kamy was in the parking lot entertaining herself by juggling, she belongs in the circus forsure and I mean that in the best way. While she is juggling a woman comes up and hands her a $20 Subway gift card and says, ‘I don’t know what you need; but I hope this helps.’ Wow! Kamy just has that kind of magnetic way about her. She truly lives with no worries and is thriving doing it. People are amazing and are full of giving love. Wherever that woman is now, thank you. When I met up with my Army buddy Chase in downtown Houston I chucked my stuff in the back of his truck and excused myself. I walked up to Kamy and gave her a huge and thanked her for the ride and new found friendship. She said she does not except thank you and that it is not necessary. Kamy explained that me riding with her was the chance to learn from me and teach me and that was all the thanks that she needed. I will see her again when I get to New Orleans. I can’t wait

Mind’s Picture Frame

I am sitting next to Kamy, who up until 24 hours ago was a complete stranger. We are now friends and 43 miles outside of Albuquerque. The two lane highway sits between land that seems timeless and unaware of our presence. A endless picture that briefly shutters as you blink. At the bottom of the frame is wide open prarries of golden flowing grass contrasted by scattered shrubs. The shrubs closer to the ground did not make it through the winter, now a decaying grey. Other shrubs with limbs higher up, deeper, stronger roots proudly display a lush forest green. Effortlessly blending up from that you have perfectly placed plateaus of red sand and orange dusted boulders. Each of them getting taller as they fade into backround, reaching for powder blue sky.