Journey Across North America… Complete!

I rolled into DC full of emotion. I have a strong disposition when it comes to the North American government. It felt like I was traveling into the belly of the beast. On one hand I was excited to see Jazzy J, it had been 3 years. On the other I felt anger boiling inside wanting to scream injustice as loud as anyone has ever screamed. I wanted to transform into a lion so I could stand before the white house a roar so loud they all pissed their pants. I calmed my anger and it turned into pure excitement. The sights, sounds, and raw energy of city life over took me. As much as I love spending time in the woods, I am a city boy. It was the first time I felt like NYC was within my sight. I could tell RaeBean was getting a bit frustrated with me because I was super hyper bouncing around, and I got into are we there yet mode. She had to tell me to calm myself a few times.
When we arrived I gave J a hug so tight it could have popped her little peanut head right off. She gave us a tour of her awesome apartment and then we sat on the couch and caught each other up. Before long Jazzy J was running upstairs, she told me she had a present for me. She handed me a weaved palm leaf canister and told me to pull the top of. Inside was a beautiful rubbing from a Cambodian temple she visited. J hand carried this for me from Cambodia, through Vietnam, to Bangladesh, on a flight back to DC. To me that makes the gift that much more special and a true honor to receive. I have quite a few beautiful gifts and post card from J’s travels, she is a inspiration to me.
The following day J, RaeBean, and myself went down to to be tourist and see the sights. One of the most emotional/best parts was going to the WWII and Vietnam memorials. As a Veteran I wanted to visit these particular spots to honor both of my Grandfathers, and my Uncle George who served multiple tours in Vietnam. It is something the carried with them for the rest of their life. I now know what that means, because as much as I suppress my time in Iraq, it will always be there and that is ok. Those memorials are a reminder to everyone of the sacrifices people made, not only the soldiers but their family and friends as well. I WILL NEVER FORGET!
I read a lot of honorable words on walls. Ideals put down on paper that are with us forever. They were words thy were supposed to be guiding lights for this country and what this country was meant to become. Those ideals have been lost along the way. Lost by means of greed and dishonor of truth and the freedom of all humanity. Like I said this place brought a lot of emotion forth. Touring around that portion of the city was a great experience.
Jazzy J is a teacher at a Montessori Charter School providing progressive education to children. Being the awesome person she is she talked to the head administrator of the school and set me up with a job while i was in town. J you are one of the most thoughtful beings I have ever met, and I learn so much from you. Being at the school was a beautiful experience! All of the faculty was full of life, positive energy, and smiles. And the children were incredible!! By the second day I had multiple little kids calling out my name and hugging me. I love hanging out with little kids! They are always full of energy and have the best outlook on life. I was helping out the schools handy man doing various tasks. This gentleman was from El Salvador and from the moment we met we were connected telling each other life stories. He was at one point a guerrilla for the communist party who escaped and came to the US. His life story is out of this world and the energy an positivity that he has everyday is beyond me. He is always smiling and making other people laugh. I would say he is the celebrity of the school. We painted chalk boards, we helped build science projects, and delivered lunches to little rugrats. The experience could not have been more fulfilling. When I have children of my own they will definitely receive there formal education at a school like that. On my last day I was able to talk at length with the head administrator. We spoke about life’s journey’s and throwing caution to the wind every now and again. We talked about the relationship between mother and child, and spoke about whether it is better to live a long life without risk or to go all out everyday like it could be your last, possibly shortening life due to it. It was a great talk, and I think that we both walked away with food for thought. We ended the talk with a giant hug and promises to return to the school as a published author.
I am thankful for my time in D.C., it was full of love and lessons learned. Being there was a great last stop before heading into NYC. I am breathing deeply right now because this is the last post for this particular blog. To try and squeeze in all of the lessons, life affirmations, and connections made would be a great injustice. You will have to buy the book for that. Like I have said in earlier post, this blog just scratched the surface of this journey. I left a lot out and only had so much time and space with this blog. Thank you to everyone who has read and supported me throughout this journey that has forever changed my life. It is now time to start the next adventure which is being in NYC and on the road to being a published author. I love you all with all my heart! Dream as big as you can and then make it your reality!!!!
I have begun a new blog that is going to chronicle my path to becoming published and all the adventures I have in NYC. The first post is up and ready to read. LOVE!


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

My current adventure is coming to a close. I now know the exact date that I will be setting my first foot prints in NYC! It is bitter sweet, but I knew right from the start that it would at one point end. I will have been on the road living out of my rucksack for 107 days. When I started the journey back in January my dad asked me how long I thought it would take me. I gave him a estimate of three months, pretty close.
I have had a few in depth talks with my friend Rae, and during some of these talks I have expressed a desire for this current journey to end, get to NYC and get to work on finishing my book. I have one more stop to make before I get there. I have not seen my friend Jazzy J in a few years. She is a true friend and teacher who has helped me progress tremendously. She now lives in Washington D.C., it was set in stone as soon as I decided to make this journey. On Sunday, Rae threw it out that she would is ready for a road trip and would love to drive me to D.C. to help me get to NYC faster. I was totally thrown back by the offer. I told her I needed to think before I responded. I went and sat by myself in the backyard, deep with in my thoughts and emotion. On one hand the leg up to NYC is still a pretty good distance away, and taking the ride from Rae would not be a challenge at all (pride/ego). On the other I have so many ideas flowing and the sooner I get to New York the sooner I finish my book. The sooner I get the book published the sooner I can start effecting mass amounts of my human family. The sooner I can achieve that the sooner I can go on more adventures around the world, further inspiring myself and coming into contact with more amazing people. I had to remember who this journey was for in the first place, me. The fact is I have constantly challenged myself throughout this journey. It was not to prove anything to anyone else. It was to learn more about me and further journey to dig deeper into finding my life’s purpose. In thinking it would not be a challenge to take the ride I was thinking of everyone else besides myself. I have nothing to prove to anyone else. I know who I am and what I have accomplished through this journey.
I called up my brother Keith who I will be staying with in Manhattan while I stack money to get my own spot. I told him the date I would be in town and asked if that will be ok with him. He asked me to tell him my game plan, understandable. “I am stoked to be arriving on Friday in time to celebrate your birthday. Saturday I am going to buy a unlimited subway pass, and all weekend I am exploring and mapping out exactly where I will begin my hunt on Monday. By the end of the first week I will have at least one bartending gigg, possibly two. I am going to hustle my ass off and save every bit I make. When I am not working I will have my head buried in a laptop writing. When I am not writing I will be in the gym training. I am 100% focused and have never been so centered in my life. I will be a fly on the wall and trying to get out of your space as soon as possible.” Keith responds,”I can’t wait for you to get here. Don’t worry about a thing just handle your business. It will be great to have a true friend here in NYC.” Once I got that amazing blessing I exhaled and immediately felt over joyed and full of excitement for the upcoming adventure. I ran in and told Rae it is a go and that we are road tripping together! She smiled and it was officially set in stone. NYC is in my sights and I am ready!!!!
I spent the rest of the afternoon
replaying film my brain has recorded from the very start. It is incredible that even after all the substances i have passed through my brain, my memory is still crisp and clear. I thought about the fear I felt the night before my dad dropped me off on the side of the highway surround by snow covered mountains. I started to think of all of the lessons that this journey has taught me. I thought about each and every magical person I have met along the way. I remembered all of the adventures we shared together. I thought back to all the beautiful hugs given and received. I pulled out my phone an looked through the pictures and some of the videos i have collected. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises I experienced with not another soul around for miles. I have had countless moments of bliss and triumph. I have felt heart ache an the extreme lows that it brings. I remembered the beautiful ups and the nirvana of lessons learned from the lows. I have truly come to grips with my infinite potential and the out of this world joy that that brings to my soul. I know that everyday for the rest of my life I will wake up with the feeling of endless possibility, and I know what signs to be aware of if I stray from that gift. I now know how to immediately change the stray and get back in tune with what course I need to be on. I now KNOW WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL THE POWER THAT I AND EVERY SINGLE BEING HAS TO CREATE AND MANIFEST OUR DREAMS. I am now in the driver seat controlling my destiny! This journey is by up to date the greatest thing I have every done for myself, and the best part about that is… It is only the very tip of the iceberg!!!! Incredible!!!!!
After being with these thoughts I called my mother and relayed the news. When I first told her about this adventure she begged me not to do it. She told me that she had a bad feeling about it and that she didn’t know how she would handle it. My mother was born to be a mother. In my opinion she is the greatest mother to have ever walked this earth. She has told me all my life that I can do anything I set my mind to(i’m sure at times she has regretted that). She instilled infinite possibility into my brother and my life. She gave me my heart and taught me to LOVE everyone! That being said, she is extremely over protective and I knew this journey would be a hard pill to swallow. I promised her I would make it out alive. So, she had to be the first to know I had succeeded. I told her, “Mom! We have survived this together! I am safe and know exactly how and when I will be in NYC!” She replies, “Thank the lord! You have done it son!” She asked if I was truly ready for it to be over. “It’s never over mom, it just on to the next adventure.”
Jazzy J is a teacher at a charter school in D.C.. She has talked with the principle and set me up with the opportunity to make a bit of money to put groceries in Keith’s fridge and get my subway pass. I will be in D.C. for seven days an then I am hopping the chinatown bus into NYC!!!!!! I am beside myself an extremely excited for the beginning of my new adventure. I will be making at least one more blog post to close this out. Have no fear! I will be starting a new blog that chronicles my new city adventures, the people I meet, the joy’s of writing my first book an going about getting published. I am already beginning to create my pitch with in my head, basically letting all these big publishers know that it is a race between all of them to sign me, who is not going to be foolish and win that race… We will all have to wait and see!!!! “NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!!!!” I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!! THANK YOU, EACH AND EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN TIME FROM YOUR BUSY LIVES TO SHARE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME!!!! I FEEL SO HONORED AND BLESSED TO HAVE HAD ALL OF YOU RIGHT THERE WITH ME IN SPIRIT AND IN LOVE!!! WE ARE ALL THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!! WE JUST HAVE TO REALIZE IT AND ACT UPON THAT CHANGE WE DESIRE!!! WE ARE ALL KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE UNIVERSE AND NO ONE CAN TELL US HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS LIFE, NOT THE BULLSHIT GOVERNMENT, NOT YOUR PARENTS THOUGHTS ON WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING, NOT YOUR FRIENDS OPINIONS! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO SO GO OUT THERE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! CREATE, MANIFEST, AND LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What A Open Heart Can Bring to Your Life

  At this portion of my journey my legs are getting pretty strong, and my 70 lb bag doesn’t feel like 70 lbs anymore. When I got out of Ms. Williams car I put it in my mind that I was going to clear 20 miles before I even thought about looking for a place to set up camp. I also put it in my mind that when I got across the bay I was going to start looking for a fishing boat to work on. I have never been deep sea fishing before and I want to learn more about the ocean. Some day when I settle down and have a family I want to be able to provide for them using my hands and cunning whether that be hunting, or if we are by water I want to be able to bring them a meal from that. I told myself that I was going to make it happen and I smiled because I knew it was going to happen. I walked for a bit on the Eastern Shore Trail and then hopped back on Interstate 10 to walk on the Bay Way bridge. Probably one of the sketchiest portions of the 10 I have been on. The shoulder is pretty narrow and on the other side of that wall is a 20 ft drop to the bay, I believe it is about ten miles long. I got maybe seven miles across and Woody Walker pulls over for me. I hop in the car and he says, “Hey man, I can take you to the other side of the bridge.” I reply, “That would be awesome, I really appreciate it.” We get to talking and I tell him about my idea to get on a fishing boat. No sooner can I ask if he knows anyone, he has his phone out and tells me he is about to call the best captain in all of the gulf. I am shocked! I just put this in my mind an hour ago and now someone is calling to see if he can get me on a boat. That is just how this trip is going, I am meeting all the right people and my minds ability to attract the things I desire is beyond me.

  Well, Woody taking me to the other side of the bridge turns into him telling me that he was on his way to his house for a moment and if I wanted I can go there freshen up and he will take me back to the highway when he leaves in a bit. He had to head out to Mississippi to pick up a new oven for his restaurant  We get back to his house and we are talking about travels he has been on and telling him about my adventure. He tells me that if I want I can mow his lawn and he can shoot me some cash to help me out. I tell him I don’t need any money, but that I have been craving pizza and beer. He replies,”Consider it done.” He tells me that he has to take off but I can mow the lawn and then take a shower and he will be back in a few hours. Someone was borrowing Woody’s lawn mower so we had to go to his neighbor Willie to borrow his. Woody gives him a quick explanation of who I am and Willie asks if I can mow his front yard as well. Of course I can sir. 

    Throughout the time I am mowing the yards Willie comes out to check on me and at one point he hands me a $20 bill. I tell him that I am doing it out of the kindness of my heart and that I can not take his money. He looks me in the eye and says,”If I didn’t want to give it to you I would not have offered it.” After I finish I come in Woody’s place take a quick shower and then hop on his computer so I can catch up on the blog. During the time I am writing Willie comes in and offers me a beer. When he brings it back and I tell him after I am done if he wants some company I will come over and tell him all about my journey. Willie is 81 years young and I can tell off the bat he has a huge heart and a lot of life wisdom.

   Later that evening I headed over to Willies and I am greeted with another beer and a big smile. At one point Willie says he is gonna give Woody a call and see where he is at. Woody got caught up and was still a few hours out. Willie tells me he wants to take me out for a drive to check out some places that most tourist don’t get to see. Who in their right mind is going to pass that up? We head out and get to a beautiful town called Fair Hope. The streets are lined with lighted trees and beautiful flower beds. The neighborhood is very similar to Carmel, Ca, and every house has it’s own uniqueness. You can feel that a lot of creative people live there. At the end of the town out on the bay is the Grand Hotel, Willie tells me we are gonna stop off and have a beer. This is one of the most interesting gentlemen I have ever met in my life. The stories he has and the places he has been are incredible. At one point we both agree that it feels like we have known each other all of our lives. Here we are with a pretty good size gap in age, complete strangers a few hours ago and now we are at a nice bar talking about life and brand new friends. I will never forget that night.

  Like I mentioned earlier Woody owns a few restaurants in downtown Mobile, the Bicycle Shop which is a awesome bar serving great Mexican food and next door to that is his steak house Union. Over the next few days Woody opened his home to me, fed me super good food, and got me shit faced drunk. The adventures we had together were freakin’ awesome. This gentleman doesn’t know me; but opens his home, trust me alone while he goes out and handles his business. I did’t tell him but he reminds me a lot of my uncle Bud, and it goes a lot further than them being white and southern boys. One of the best men I have ever met in my life, always has a smile on his face and will talk your ear off. The way that Woody goes about this life is second to none. He is beyond honorable, always truthful, and not afraid to tell you he has done some fucked up shit and probably might do some more before it is all said and done. That is what makes someone down to earth, not perfect and not trying or worried about it, just livin’. Woody is a entrepreneur and a man about town who has done a lot with his life, but remains humble. Every place we go someone is yelling out his name and offering to buy him a shot or a beer. I have learned a lot just from being in his presence over the last few days. He and Willie will be life long friends and I know our paths will cross multiple times before it is all said and done.

Inspiration of Midnight

Always in the moment. Mostly I write it but sometimes I would rather spray it. Mist from my voice splattered against your brain with vivid contrast of colorful words. Invoking thoughts at light speed keeping you at the edge of your seat. What will come next?! I don’t feel the need to use big words to show you how complex I can be. I am sure if you listen closely you will see and believe. People are always telling me that I don’t realize the impact I have on others. This is true, it is just me being what I have was always meant to be. And in that, I remain a humble lion. LOVE!