Light At The End Of The Tunnel

My current adventure is coming to a close. I now know the exact date that I will be setting my first foot prints in NYC! It is bitter sweet, but I knew right from the start that it would at one point end. I will have been on the road living out of my rucksack for 107 days. When I started the journey back in January my dad asked me how long I thought it would take me. I gave him a estimate of three months, pretty close.
I have had a few in depth talks with my friend Rae, and during some of these talks I have expressed a desire for this current journey to end, get to NYC and get to work on finishing my book. I have one more stop to make before I get there. I have not seen my friend Jazzy J in a few years. She is a true friend and teacher who has helped me progress tremendously. She now lives in Washington D.C., it was set in stone as soon as I decided to make this journey. On Sunday, Rae threw it out that she would is ready for a road trip and would love to drive me to D.C. to help me get to NYC faster. I was totally thrown back by the offer. I told her I needed to think before I responded. I went and sat by myself in the backyard, deep with in my thoughts and emotion. On one hand the leg up to NYC is still a pretty good distance away, and taking the ride from Rae would not be a challenge at all (pride/ego). On the other I have so many ideas flowing and the sooner I get to New York the sooner I finish my book. The sooner I get the book published the sooner I can start effecting mass amounts of my human family. The sooner I can achieve that the sooner I can go on more adventures around the world, further inspiring myself and coming into contact with more amazing people. I had to remember who this journey was for in the first place, me. The fact is I have constantly challenged myself throughout this journey. It was not to prove anything to anyone else. It was to learn more about me and further journey to dig deeper into finding my life’s purpose. In thinking it would not be a challenge to take the ride I was thinking of everyone else besides myself. I have nothing to prove to anyone else. I know who I am and what I have accomplished through this journey.
I called up my brother Keith who I will be staying with in Manhattan while I stack money to get my own spot. I told him the date I would be in town and asked if that will be ok with him. He asked me to tell him my game plan, understandable. “I am stoked to be arriving on Friday in time to celebrate your birthday. Saturday I am going to buy a unlimited subway pass, and all weekend I am exploring and mapping out exactly where I will begin my hunt on Monday. By the end of the first week I will have at least one bartending gigg, possibly two. I am going to hustle my ass off and save every bit I make. When I am not working I will have my head buried in a laptop writing. When I am not writing I will be in the gym training. I am 100% focused and have never been so centered in my life. I will be a fly on the wall and trying to get out of your space as soon as possible.” Keith responds,”I can’t wait for you to get here. Don’t worry about a thing just handle your business. It will be great to have a true friend here in NYC.” Once I got that amazing blessing I exhaled and immediately felt over joyed and full of excitement for the upcoming adventure. I ran in and told Rae it is a go and that we are road tripping together! She smiled and it was officially set in stone. NYC is in my sights and I am ready!!!!
I spent the rest of the afternoon
replaying film my brain has recorded from the very start. It is incredible that even after all the substances i have passed through my brain, my memory is still crisp and clear. I thought about the fear I felt the night before my dad dropped me off on the side of the highway surround by snow covered mountains. I started to think of all of the lessons that this journey has taught me. I thought about each and every magical person I have met along the way. I remembered all of the adventures we shared together. I thought back to all the beautiful hugs given and received. I pulled out my phone an looked through the pictures and some of the videos i have collected. The beautiful sunsets and sunrises I experienced with not another soul around for miles. I have had countless moments of bliss and triumph. I have felt heart ache an the extreme lows that it brings. I remembered the beautiful ups and the nirvana of lessons learned from the lows. I have truly come to grips with my infinite potential and the out of this world joy that that brings to my soul. I know that everyday for the rest of my life I will wake up with the feeling of endless possibility, and I know what signs to be aware of if I stray from that gift. I now know how to immediately change the stray and get back in tune with what course I need to be on. I now KNOW WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL THE POWER THAT I AND EVERY SINGLE BEING HAS TO CREATE AND MANIFEST OUR DREAMS. I am now in the driver seat controlling my destiny! This journey is by up to date the greatest thing I have every done for myself, and the best part about that is… It is only the very tip of the iceberg!!!! Incredible!!!!!
After being with these thoughts I called my mother and relayed the news. When I first told her about this adventure she begged me not to do it. She told me that she had a bad feeling about it and that she didn’t know how she would handle it. My mother was born to be a mother. In my opinion she is the greatest mother to have ever walked this earth. She has told me all my life that I can do anything I set my mind to(i’m sure at times she has regretted that). She instilled infinite possibility into my brother and my life. She gave me my heart and taught me to LOVE everyone! That being said, she is extremely over protective and I knew this journey would be a hard pill to swallow. I promised her I would make it out alive. So, she had to be the first to know I had succeeded. I told her, “Mom! We have survived this together! I am safe and know exactly how and when I will be in NYC!” She replies, “Thank the lord! You have done it son!” She asked if I was truly ready for it to be over. “It’s never over mom, it just on to the next adventure.”
Jazzy J is a teacher at a charter school in D.C.. She has talked with the principle and set me up with the opportunity to make a bit of money to put groceries in Keith’s fridge and get my subway pass. I will be in D.C. for seven days an then I am hopping the chinatown bus into NYC!!!!!! I am beside myself an extremely excited for the beginning of my new adventure. I will be making at least one more blog post to close this out. Have no fear! I will be starting a new blog that chronicles my new city adventures, the people I meet, the joy’s of writing my first book an going about getting published. I am already beginning to create my pitch with in my head, basically letting all these big publishers know that it is a race between all of them to sign me, who is not going to be foolish and win that race… We will all have to wait and see!!!! “NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!!!!” I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!! THANK YOU, EACH AND EVERYONE WHO HAS TAKEN TIME FROM YOUR BUSY LIVES TO SHARE THIS JOURNEY WITH ME!!!! I FEEL SO HONORED AND BLESSED TO HAVE HAD ALL OF YOU RIGHT THERE WITH ME IN SPIRIT AND IN LOVE!!! WE ARE ALL THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!! WE JUST HAVE TO REALIZE IT AND ACT UPON THAT CHANGE WE DESIRE!!! WE ARE ALL KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE UNIVERSE AND NO ONE CAN TELL US HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS LIFE, NOT THE BULLSHIT GOVERNMENT, NOT YOUR PARENTS THOUGHTS ON WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING, NOT YOUR FRIENDS OPINIONS! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO SO GO OUT THERE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! CREATE, MANIFEST, AND LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Delivery of My First Speech

Last night at main circle I have shattered another fear and moved one step closer to achieving my dreams. I wrote and delivered my first speech in font of a large group. Today marks me being on the road for 100 days! I have been living in the woods now for 14 straight days. The perspective that this experience has brought to my life has changed me forever and further propelled me towards fulfilling a portion of my life’s purpose. I have never felt more in tune with who I am, my abilities/gifts to share with the world, and how blessed I have been and continue to receive. In the first portion I speak about a feather. When there are issues that need to be brought to the table, council is called. During council every single person has the opportunity to voice their opinion. A feather gets passed around the council fire. Who ever has that feather is the only one who should be talking and everyone else should be listening and analyzing. It is such a beautiful concept that brings about great discussion, an eventually a resolution. What follows this sentence is the first speech I have delivered. Enjoy and please feel free to comment and add your ideas. I love you all. Thank you for reading!

Since I arrived on the First of March, I have remained in most part a silent observer. I have learned that when you are actually listening you are able to pick up on the messages that are being fed to you. When you try and speak like you know everything it is no longer a conversation; because while the other person is trying to talk to you, you are thinking of what response to fire off next. I think that the feather concept of council is incredible. And if people valued and respected it everyone would learn a lot more. The Rainbow family as well as the rest of the world could benefit from the great change from speaker to active listener. I truly hope and desire for all people to challenge themselves to be a listener and a student hungry for knowledge.
On the flip side of that, I want to practice and express my gift with you. And that gift is my words. With my words I am fulfilling a portion of my life’s purpose. Around the age of 13 I began to develop a desire to change the world around me. I have met incredible people along my life journey. People who have opened my eyes and exposed me to the reality I know see. We all know about the negativity that surrounds us. We all know about that there is corruption and horrible things occurring daily around the world. For a good portion of my life I thought, “I am only one person. The government an the world is so huge. What can little ol’ me possibly do to change the negative to positive? How can little ol’ me stand against the corruption an horrible things going on around the world?” Through my journey on my life’s path I have picked up many lessons that have led me to my answer. It has culminated with one powerful quote! ” Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Ghandi To me that is a loud and clear call to lead by example. To aspire to be the greatest me I can be. To aspire towards always remaining in a state of positivity. To show every being I encounter the love and respect that I desire. I by no means have this mastered ; but I am actively trying to grow and NEVER stop learning. I have made a commitment to MYSELF to shine the light that burns eternally within my soul. And I promise to share that with the entire world. It is my opinion that we are all KINGS and QUEENS of the Universe; so long as you are willing to accept that. We are all equal and we all have the ability to achieve higher consciousness if you actively pursue it. We all have our own gifts and light to this life, please do not mask yours. It is there within you, I promise! All of us are here in Rainbow land because we desire change in the world and within ourselves. We all desire love, acceptance from our peers, and respect. I think that is why we call everyone our family. That is why we exchange long heart pressed hugs, an tell each other,”I love you.” I have never felt more at peace with myself. I find myself in a state of pure bliss filled with smiles. I am actively trying to live in the moment without want or need for anything else. I am learning so much through this beautiful experience with each and everyone one of you. I love you and I am in love with this gift we acknowledge as life!

Loving You

Today I was overcome with utter joy for life. My current surroundings, the giving and receiving of smiles/hugs, and sounds are magic fuel that ignite my soul. Taking time to stop and listen as the breeze flows through the trees from the north and sweeps beautiful sounds south. At night it is pitch black until the moon comes into view. And when it does, it lights up the white sand path I am traveling on. The trees reach to the sky trying to block it out; but ever now and again there is a clearing, and you can see endless brightly shining stars. Every camp has a fire raging and great great people laughing and talking. The fires are incredible spectacles to stare at and lose track of your thoughts…
Bear Necessities camp if fully set up! We have finished digging our giant fire pit, built our stove, and organized the over all operations. There are two kinds of people here at Rainbow Gathering. Those who are here by choice and those who see it as a easy option to get free food and take advantage. The positivity by far trumps the negative. I have taken a lead by example way of thinking. I am going to bust my ass, every task that needs a volunteer, I hop on it. We always need a ton of wood for the kitchen and evening fires. It is actually pretty therapeutic for me. I venture deep into the woods off the beaten path and search for old dry logs, and then try and find my way back. I make it a challenging game. Each time I will try and find a bigger log and then challenge myself not to stop or switch arms until I make it back to camp. I am trying to motivate people to help out and get involved in what this is truly meant to be about, family and love. It is based on the concept that you always want to do your best to help your family in any way you can. Everyone has their own skill set, and if they bring that to the table then we make shit happen . And then we all have time to hang out, relax with new friends, and make music. Tonight I am calling my first council with everyone at the camp. I want to speak to them and move their hearts in such away that we all come together to accomplish and enjoy. I am really excited about that.
Main circle has started and it is a magical place of energy and love. It is two mile walk on long winding paths deep into the woods. When you arrive, you walk into a HUGE clearing where we dug a 250′ in diameter (rough guesstimate) trench with a giant volcano looking mound in the middle to place the fire atop. A large portion of the people in the woods from various camps all migrate to main circle around sunset. When all of the kitchen camps have arrived everyone yells, “Circle up!” We all hold hands and do a mantra chant. It is so electric! You can feel so much energy surrounding us. Someone will usual speak and give a positive message, and then everyone sits in the circle and the kitchens go around feeding everyone; so beautiful and inspiring. Tonight is my biggest challenge yet as a cook. I am in charge of tonights main circle meal, representing Bear Necessities. I have never coked for more then 8 people before, I am stoked!!!! After everyone has finished there food, the drums kick in. I have been blessed to hear some insanely talented musicians. Everyone hangs out for a few hours making new friends and talking about whatever moves you at the moment. The emotion and connection I have experienced over the last few days is like nothing I have ever felt before. I take time to sit with myself just so I can be with my thoughts and fully acknowledge everything I am feeling and learning. My love for this life continues to grow exponentially. And countless blessings continue to flow my way. I highly recommend everyone attend and truly be a part of the Rainbow Gathering. They are held all over the world. I am going to make my way to every single countries Gathering throughout my life time. More follow within the next few days. I am heading to Miami to meet some friends I have not seen in a few years, going to be an amazing reunion. I am trying to get a ticket to Ultra Music Festival for the weekend of the 22nd. They are sold out, which doesn’t mean anything because I have nit cash to my name. Anyways, if anyone knows anyone who might be able to get me a ticket please let me know. I am willing to work for them. I have a large spectrum of skill set. I would be willing to volunteer helping out in anyway I can. Everyone, I encourage you to check me out on Face book. I post a lot of pictures there an it is a great way for us to connect and become involved. please pass on to your friends and family.Click the link and send me a friend request!!/matthew.hernandez.376043?__user=1278487002 world is my family and I love you all. Everyone desires love, understanding, and someone to make you feel special. I am that person and I want to spread that to as many people possible world wide. I love you all, thank you for taking time out of you day to read my thoughts and emotions. All together we are complete, food for thought! LOVE!

From Dreams Sprout Reality

I wanted to give a bit more insight as to who I am and what this trip and my writing means. Like I said in previous blogs I have been soul searching for a long time. I would say it started as early as 5th or 6th grade. I started asking myself and the universe what is my purpose here on earth. I always had a feeling that I was put here on earth to do something great that helps change the world for the better. I would rack my brain endlessly trying to figure it out questioning everything. Those who are close to me would tell you that i have always been a quiet fellow, and always observing. I would constantly tell myself, ‘you are only one small spec in the universe. How could I possible affect the world?’ I kept myself in this small state of being up until I took the leap of faith which is this trip. I am telling you all this because I get a lot of people telling me that I am inspiring them. I am so honored and thankful for those words. It has taken me a long time of procrastinating and talking a big game to get to the point I am at now, and I still have a long way to go. All that talking was me just being my own hype man. Hyping myself up both in my head and out loud knowing that if I ever mustered the courage and got off my ass I could accomplish anything. I have dreamed about this journey since childhood. I started being vocal about this trip and writing a book to all my friends when I got out of the Army in 2004. It took me 8 years an a lot of inward struggle to finally go for it. And even though I was not really writing a lot I would always tell people, ‘I am going to write a book that inspires change in peoples lives. That there is better way for us to live than what we are currently doing.’ All that time I already knew what my life’s purpose was. My fear was blinding me from seeing the vision. That was until…
A few days before the start of 2012 I had a dream. I still remember every vivid detail of this dream. I was in a laundry mat in a town I had never been in before with a woman I had never seen before. I threw in my clothes and walked outside and looked up… In the sky there was a huge battle going on. There were military jets and stealth bombers and ufos shooting and bombing the crap out of each other, and crashing to the ground. I ran back in and told the girl we gotta go! She ignored me and I called again. Still no response, so I took off running by myself. I ran into a local bank and had a seat in the corner. All around this bank are desks with one man behind them and a line of people in front of them. The building is shaking from all of the crashing and violent battle outside. I get up and walk around towards the back right as though there is something leading me there. When I get up to the man he says my name incorrectly. I correct him and he says, “I have been waiting for you.” He is in human form but I can see right through him and he has glowing green reptile like eyes. All of the sudden a screen pops up in mid air right before me. I don’t remember reading anything specific but I know it was a list of all of the things I have done in my life. Without any words being said I know that this being is letting me know we are being judged for what we do here on earth.
In a instant I am transported to the Middle East and I am in full combat gear and had the machine gun that I carried while in Iraq. I look up and I am surrounded by Middle Eastern men. They all have guns pointed at me. I get ready to pull my gun up and start engaging them all, and all of the sudden I throw my weapon down and start singing. In a blink of an eye I am in the back seat of a SUV racing through the desert with those same men. They are all grabbing at me and trying to hurt me. I am trying hard to fight them off with my fists. In another blink of an eye I am standing alone in the middle of the desert, and up on a hill I see a majestic looking tent. I walk in and there are two women laying on beautiful rugs and lush colorful pillows. I know right away that these women are my spirit guides. They teleport us to various scenarios and basically show me that I have two paths to choose from one will lead me to eternal misery and one will be my life’s truth. Without saying anything the lead me to answers I have been craving a good portion of my life.
I wake up from the dream feeling electric. My entire body feels like a bolt of lighting is surging through me and in that instant I know that my words both written and verbal are my life’s purpose, and that is how I change the world. Even after this dream slapped me in the face, it still took me a year to start to make it happen. I am telling you all this to further inspire you to follow your dreams and live your life’s TRUE PURPOSE, no matter how long it takes you. You already have the answers within you. You just have to be willing to see them. We all know that the world can be a much better place. A place where everyone loves and respects each other. We can achieve a world where there is NO ONE struggling to live. WE CAN LIVE IN A WORLD OF PEACE AND ABSOLUTELY NO WAR!!! We just need to learn to be understanding that we all have our own paths and no one path is better than the other. WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!!!! THERE IS NO ONE MAN OR WOMAN WHO IS ABOVE ANOTHER!!!! THERE IS NO ONE COUNTRY BETTER THAN ANOTHER!!!!! WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF THE WORLD WE CAN LOVE AND WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THESE CHANGES. I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL OF MY HEART!!!!

Thank You Readers And Supporters!

I wanted to post a quick note to everyone who reads my blog. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my posts. And a very special thank you to all those who take the time to write comments and click that like button. It took me two months to get 1000 views and I am almost at 2000 with in a little over two weeks. All of you are inspiring me to continue on when things get a little rough. Everyone who read my post inspire me to continue writing as often as I can. From the bottom of my heart, it is truly a honor an I am so thankful for each and everyone of you! I hope this continues to grow and I have the opportunity to reach, touch, and inspire as many people possible. I had someone from the Republic of Korea check out my blog, that blows my mind. Thank you an I love you all. Carpe Diem! Stay positive and share ALL of the light and LOVE that is with in you!